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SRAM Adds a More Affordable Eagle Transmission Group – for OE only, Plus new Brakes!

SRAM DB8 Brakes and S-1000 T-Type Transmission S-1000 derailleur hero(Photos/SRAM)
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SRAM’s Transmissions have been getting all the attention for MTB drivetrains lately, and now there’s a new one. Only, this one will only be available if you buy a complete bike along with it. The new S-1000 Eagle Transmission promises to be the most affordable option yet, but for now, you’ll only find it on complete bikes as an OE spec.

Along with S-1000, SRAM is also introducing the new DB8 Stealth brakes. SRAM says that both of these product offerings are aimed at delivering the dream of robust performance for more riders.

Let’s get right into it.

SRAM DB8 Stealth

The DB8 is SRAM’s simple, robust, and powerful brake for riders who prefer the set-and-forget. It uses a low-maintenance mineral oil paired with proven lever technology. It also features easy adjustment access and superior ergonomic comfort.

The stealth lever body design brings the hose parallel to the bar, allowing for a sleeker, more modern ride. SRAM says it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have “Code-like power” as the DB8 Stealth utilizes similar caliper architecture and existing brake pads.

DB8 Stealth Retail & Features

Retail: $137 – Disc Brake, Diffusion Black, front 950mm hose (includes MMX clamp, rotor/bracket sold separately) – Mineral Oil Brake B1
Retail: $137 – Disc Brake, Diffusion Black, rear 2000mm hose (includes MMX clamp, rotor/bracket sold separately) – Mineral Oil Brake B1

  • Stealth lever architecture
  • Code-like heavy-duty power
  • Tooled lever reach adjust
  • Uses existing Code pads
  • Designed for use with Maxima Mineral Oil only
  • Designed for use with SRAM Mineral Oil Bleed Kit only

DB8 Stealth Specs


Application (DB)MTB
Brake typeHydraulic
Blade materialAluminum
Color (DB)Diffusion Black Anodized
Rec MMX clamp (not included)MMX clamp, black, steel
OrientationFront, Rear
Pad type (Disc)Steel-backed organic
Bracket (Disc Brake)Direct mount DIR
Hose length (mm)2000mm, 950mm
Rotor (AM only)n/a
Piston materialPhenolic Plastic
Rotor type recommended1-piece CenterLine
Clamp Included (DB)Yes – MMX Clamp

SRAM S-1000 Eagle Transmission

SRAM is confident that the introduction of the new T-Type S-1000 Eagle to the Eagle Transmission Ecosystem will make Eagle T-type Transmissions more attainable to more riders.

SRAM S-1000 Eagle Crankset

SRAM DB8 Brakes and S-1000 T-Type Transmission S-1000 cranks

The S-1000 Transmission crankset offers a sleek, sturdy crankarm that’s engineered to be both robust and reliable. Like other cranks in the Transmission ecosystem, the S-1000 crank features 8-bolt ring compatibility. It also offers a stamped steel or aluminum ring with optional bash guards.

SRAM DB8 Brakes and S-1000 T-Type Transmission crank arms

Allowing for aftermarket customization, the chainrings are cross-compatible with chainring and bash guard options.

S-1000 Eagle Crankset Features

  • Forged aluminum crankarm with 8-bolt ring compatibility
  • Integrated composite bash guards shared with GX and X0 Eagle Transmission
  • 155mm, 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm lengths
  • Stamped steel or aluminum chainrings
  • Compatible with all SRAM T-Type components
  • OE availability only

S-1000 Eagle Derailleur

SRAM DB8 Brakes and S-1000 T-Type Transmission S-1000 derailleur

This derailleur is the entry point to the Eagle Transmission ecosystem. The S-1000 Eagle Derailleur has the same architecture as SRAM’s GX Eagle Transmission. The full-mount design mounts around the wheel’s axle on UDH-equipped bikes. It also includes what SRAM calls Cassette Mapping, or “the marriage of the derailleur’s firmware and hardware to our T-Type cassettes, helps deliver the best shift under load. Even under the added power of an eMTB.”

Like all of the Eagle Transmission derailleurs, the S-1000 is rebuildable. It has replaceable skid plates and a two-piece outer link. It has a removable cage assembly that simply rotates off. Featuring a sleek black-on-black appearance means that it can be mixed and matched with other T-Type ecosystem components.

The S-1000 also features SRAM’s new Drag Spring Cage Damper for reliable chain retention and long-term reliability.

The S-1000 Eagle Derailleur Features

  • Compatible with all SRAM T-Type components
  • Shares GX Eagle Transmission architecture with a sleek black colorway
  • New drag spring cage damper
  • Hangerless Interface, Full Mount attachment method
  • Radically clear setup process, no adjustment required
  • OE availability only

SRAM XS-1270 Eagle Cassette

SRAM DB8 Brakes and S-1000 T-Type Transmission cassette

Sporting the same medal-winning technology as the other Transmission cassettes in the Eagle family, the XS-1270 offers incredible performance for more riders.

Finished in a unique nickel chrome, this cassette promises to be quiet, durable, and features a replaceable gear cluster. And for the first time on a traditional HG splined driver body, the XS-1270 features a full 10-52t range thanks to the integration of the 10th tooth and lockring.

The XS-1270 Eagle Cassette Features

  • Complete 10-52t range
  • Gears 8-12 (10-12-14-16-18t) are a replaceable cluster
  • Splined 8, 9, 10 Speed Driverbody compatible – steel Driverbody material required
  • Full X-SYNC design for best-ever inboard and outboard shifting performance under load
  • Unique black nickel chrome finish
  • 55mm chain line compatibility for a more moderate chain angle, longer wear, and greater precision. Setup Cog for simple setup
  • Compatible with all SRAM T-Type components

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17 days ago

The cassette fitting on HG bodies is notable and a clever byproduct of the more outboard Transmission cassette position. I dig it

17 days ago
Reply to  Greg

The only possible downside to having a cog as a lock ring is that is getting torqued tighter each time its used. I have an old Shimano Dura Ace 8 spd hub( laced to rolled down Mavic MA40 rims), that did the same thing for the 12t cog. I cannot get the cassette off this wheel( also haven’t tried to take it off for about 30 years)

C Malt
C Malt
15 days ago
Reply to  Exodux

And the shift lane will rotate and change and not be in line with the rest of the shift lanes. Shifting in and out of the 10T may be poor.

15 days ago
Reply to  Exodux

This is just not my experience. I have never had an issue with removing a cassette. However, I can see this as an issue of the tighter is better generation.

15 days ago
Reply to  myke

You haven’t because every cassette besides Uniglide ones didn’t use the smaller cog as a lock. Personally, I don’t think that they will launch it without a limiter or something like that to avoid the cassette to be stuck.

17 days ago

Whoever is doing the product naming at SRAM needs to publicly flogged.

Figure out scheme and always use it.

17 days ago

If these are OEM parts, are you screwed if you want to replace the cassette (and you have a HG driver)?

15 days ago
Reply to  Dino

Probably they’re going to sell the cassette to the end user. The other parts, I don’t think so.

17 days ago

So cheaper derailleur you can only replace with a more expensive option.

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