SRAM adds TIME, another long-established cycling brand, to their portfolio with their purchase from Rossignol. Closing out one of the few remaining gaps in their complete road, gravel & mountain bike component offering, Time pedals are set to officially join the SRAM family later this year.

SRAM buys TIME pedals, completes bike component portfolio

SRAM buys TIME pedals, completes bike component portfolio, Anna van der Breggen, photo by Getty Images

World Champion Anna van der Breggen’s Tarmac with SRAM Red AXS & Time pedals. c. SRAM, photo by Getty Images

TIME is a legendary brand and was the first to focus on ergonomics through the pedal stroke. We will work to preserve TIME’s history and heritage, and continue their legacy of innovation and quality,” says SRAM President Ken Lousberg.

The purchase expands SRAM’s component offering to now include pretty much every component you need to build a bike beyond the frame. Interestingly, the only thing I can think of not within the newly expanded SRAM catalog might be saddles. So I wonder which saddle maker is about to get gobbled up?

Add Time to the list of other industry brands bought up by SRAM over the years, like Avid brakes, RockShox suspension, Zipp aero wheels & cockpits, Truvativ mountain bike components, Quarq power meters & other electronic gadgets. SRAM’s history of strategic acquisitions over the years has helped develop the American drivetrain maker into the powerhouse it is today. The resulting component crossover has often made the function & ease of use of individual components better, especially together with the integration of disc brakes in road groups, MTB cockpit integration, and the recent cross-compatibility with wireless AXS controls.

It also gives SRAM powerful leverage when negotiating drivetrain OEM spec with bike makers to include more of their components in complete bike builds.

SRAM buys TIME pedals, completes bike component portfolio, road pedals

Probably not surprising, the Time acquisition by SRAM is mostly limited to the French company’s pedal portfolio. Curiously, shoe intellectual property was included in the purchase as well, although SRAM sounds unsure whether they plan to do anything with Time shoes for the time being.

Last summer, both the pedal & bike divisions were being bought up by French e-bike startup WhaTTfornow from Rossignol. It seems that transfer never really took, as now SRAM says they’ve purchased the “entire range of road and mountain pedals, cleats, and all related patents of TIME Sport from Rossignol Group”.

As for the bike division, it seems new investors Cardinal Cycling Group acquired Time’s French RTM Composite carbon-frame production factory and all the bike/frame intellectual property earlier this month. Cardinal is a new partnership that brings together a French engineer & healthcare COO named Martial Trigeaud with the American founder of Allied Cycles, Tony Karklins who left that company a few years back. No word yet on if or when we could expect to see new Time or Cardinal? bikes.

What does all of this mean?

SRAM buys TIME pedals, completes bike component portfolio, gravel pedals

First, SRAM says from the middle of 2021 they will now take over providing spare parts & cleats for current Time pedal users, and will take over existing product warranties. Going forward, SRAM says they plan to integrate pedal products into their portfolio, keeping the TIME name.

SRAM buys TIME pedals, completes bike component portfolio, end of PowerTap

Beyond that, it’s likely we’ll see some crossover from Time pedals into more of the SRAM family. That could probably even come first through co-development with Quarq in the form of power meter pedals? Bicycle Retailer also reported earlier this month that SRAM pulled PowerTap power meter pedals & hubs from their Quarq powermeter family…

SRAM buys TIME pedals, completes bike component portfolio, all pedalsMaybe that means the next SRAM pedal update will be Time pedals that incorporate Quarq power meter tech? Until then, your SRAM-equipped road, gravel, cross-country, and enduro mountain bikes can all get in-family, ergonomic Time pedals.


  1. JBikes on

    Time makes the best road pedal interface. The only issue with them is bearing/bushing design and serviceability is somewhat less than the forget about them SPD-SL’s.

    • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

      Only if Sram decides to take ATAC back to its original design with the larger inboard bearing I’d bite. Otherwise it’s an easy pass.

  2. Ken on

    R.I.P. Time quality. I would hope the purchase would improve Sram companies, however, I’m certian it will only degrade Time’s products. Sram will ruin Time. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. b on

    I really hope Sram keeps the Time brand alive. I’ve been using Time since their first pedal hit the market and I’ve go no idea what I’d turn to if they get erased.

  4. TimE on

    Great news for TIME. Rossignol was killing the brand. Very little investment into the bike frames and pedals. Now hopefully both have a better future. Looking forward to TIME atac power meter pedals

    • Sevo on

      It’s actually great news. Time has been a mess of a company for a very long time. Really the best piece to buy was the ATAC mountain bike pedals which once were super popular but again, Time did a fantastic job screwing that up. Even finding cleats became a big pain in the ass.

      But they did know bearings and build quality. Never had a single issue with Time other than finding the damn cleats at times. Had 25 year old sets I bought used that worked just fine.

      SRAM has had only one real weak spot and that’s issues with mountain brakes. But even that seems to have been “leveled” out with the Level line up.

      This is a huge win for ATAC fans for sure.

      • VJGoh on

        The front hook breaking off happened on two sets of mine Time road pedals until I switched to Speedplay. Unfortunately, they switched to using the same kind of plastic on their ATAC pedals at some point, and they’re also pretty weak. I bought three sets based on good will from back when I was a mountain biker in the late 90s, and all of them showed wear well beyond what you’d expect. The set on my actual mountain bike had a pin that kept sliding loose, and that pin held the retention spring in. I had to keep bashing it back into place.

        I finally switched to Look MTB pedals on my CX bike and flats on my MTB. I hope this brings back some of the old quality. My original set of ATACs was bombproof.

  5. Sevo on

    “ It also gives SRAM powerful leverage when negotiating drivetrain OEM spec with bike makers to include more of their components in complete bike builds.”

    Except no one specs clip less pedals on their complete bikes. Haven’t in a couple decades easily.

    • Cory Benson on

      Very true @Sevo, more of a rationale for the overall growing catalog, not pedals specifically. Maybe power meter pedals could come with a new bike in the future, though?

  6. Paul Black on

    The ATAC pedals are great. I have had a number of Shimano SPD pedals fall off the spindle and have annoying pedal/cleat play I cant get rid off.

  7. satanas on

    Let’s hope SRAM manage to screw up Time less than Wahoo did Speedplay. Hopefully they didn’t buy this company so they could close them down… 🙁

  8. None Given on

    Um, since when? I dunno, even since they left the TBT sole (older four bolt) and went to the three bolt triangular cleat – well, not once ever have I seen one fail unless it was due to wear (that is easily prevented by maintaining your gear). The iClic was a bit of a mess compared to RSX (that I happen to still be on)…but, that is one heck of a contention so say that something is consistently broken as it is simply not a claim that can be validated.

  9. Tom on

    used to ride ATAC with the forged bars, and they were tough as hell, ended up getting off them due to Q factor issues with my new winter boots. SPDs have not proven as bullet proof to rock strikes etc. But I understand the new ATAC with cast retention bars are soft and easy to destroy. Hope SRAM brings back the forged bars.

  10. Phil on

    From Tech perspective, those XPresso/XPro Pedals were superb Hardware – only Material-mix was shit, especially for the cleats.

    Looks like SRAM really wants to compete with Shimano on big scale, what a monstrous battle.
    I just hope that small companies with good Ideas and Solutions still have room to grow.

  11. Jerf on

    If the Time ATAC pedals can be treated like the Avid BB7, I have no qualm.

    But if the Time ATAC pedals become something like the other early SRAM/Avid brakes, FFS stock up now.


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