With Zach giving the SRAM Rival eTap AXS group an honorable mention in his Editor’s Choice roundup, and my prior experience with Kogel’s Kolossos pulley cage upgrade, this new part makes the mid-level derailleur make more sense than ever.

Considering a Rival AXS rear derailleur and Kogel’s new Kolossos cage for it still comes in almost $100 less than a new SRAM Red AXS rear mech, it makes the ~$400 price tag for the cage little more palatable. Especially when you realize it comes with their free-spinning ceramic bearings.

kogel kolossos oversized sram rival derailleur pulley cage with ceramic bearings

This model is designed specifically for the 12-speed Rival AXS group, they offer different versions for Red and Force, which have a slightly different pivot location and tension hole placement. The features are the same, though, with a two-position tension spring adjustment so you can set it softer for road, or firmer for gravel, and 14-tooth upper and 19-tooth lower pulleys.

MSRP is $439, but through Dec. 31, 2021, it’s $399 with free customization of pulley, stop pin, screws, and bearing cover colors, letting you mix and match all of those parts however you want. Choose from black, blue, red, gold, and raw.


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Tony pepperoni
Tony pepperoni
6 months ago

Pass. I will wait for Apex AXS, then I’ll upgrade the hell out it with ceramic pulleys. SX would be fine too

Jason D West
Jason D West
6 months ago

It would be interesting to shootout expensive stuff like this vs cheap ebay stuff, like ZTTO. I have many parts cheap parts that work equally good as the expensive stuff, like dropper levers. Wolftooth, never again. I dont have giant pullies so l can’t say that if cheap stuff would be as good in this case. It would be super cool if you guys test and compare the two types of products to see if $400 stuff is way better then maybe $50 stuff.

6 months ago

So we can spend 400(!!!)$ to gain less than 1w (@250W) to compensate the poor efficiency of the AXS system (7W @ 250W) and lose a bit of shifting precision… I understand emotional purchases, Cycling has plenty cause we like our bikes… but this very particular one (oversize pulley wheels systems) I can’t get my head around it: it’s expensive, heavier, less aero, degrades a bit shifting and could look cool to some…

I am glad for the brands to sell this and make money to finance “real” products, but that desperate me on how marketing has perverted cyclist knowledge.