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Starling Cycles Says Every Day is April Fools’ in the Bike Industry

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It’s April 1st, and you know what that means… time for a bunch of silly product launches that may or may not be believable. The fact that some of these made-up products actually fool some people should tell you something about the state of the bike industry, but Joe McEwan from Starling Cycles decided to take it a step further this year with an April Fools’ ‘rant’.

From Starling Cycles

April Fools’..? Rather than pretending to rebrand or make a goofy bike, Joe fancied a bit of a rant. You see, Joe’s biggest gripe is the idea that more technology, more money and more marketing BS equals more performance. When, in fact, it’s usually the opposite.

April Fools’ is all about fooling people, all about a bit of BS. And Joe reckons the industry spends every day fooling people that more bikes mean more speed, more performance and more fun. We’re constantly being told that if we chase the latest and the greatest, the newest and the shiniest, 15% more of this and 5% more of that then we’ll be better riders.

But it’s not all about throwing money at the problem. There’s more to it than that and – he reckons. It’s more about the thing stuck on top of the bike, than the bike itself. It’s more about hard yards than hard cash.

So for this year’s April Fools’ Joe has gone for a bit of a rant instead, talking all about BS in the bike industry and the April Fools’ joke that gets played on everyone every day of the year. All, of course, meant in good spirits and with a bit of tongue in cheek!

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10 days ago

So, with this ‘anti-marketing’, isn’t he just doing a ‘look at me’ in a ‘bah humbug’ sort of way? Why, when you dwell on the idea of ‘retro-grouchery’, does it automatically seem to suggest its ideas being expounded by someone with some form of British (English) accent? BTW, I was born in the UK, my MTB is still a 26″er, I have a steel-framed touring bike with bar-end shifters and I ride a metallic-framed road bike with mechanical shifting. However, tubeless tyres (hooked, please!), disc brakes and carbon rims and forks I think are some of the best innovations of the past 20 years. You can pick and choose, you know: you can do your own research and refuse to believe the hype. Maybe Joe will turn into the modern equivalent of the crusty old guys in oiled cotton cagoules carrying canvas panniers on 27 x 1 ¼ ” wheeled bikes (all of whose inner tubes had not less than half-a-dozen patches on them), who I encountered during my first few years of “serious” riding.

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