Stash Cache creates a complete One Hitter system hidden in your handlebar

It’s that time of year again. Depending on your feelings towards weed, 4/20 is either a reason to celebrate or just another made-up holiday. For those that choose to partake, Stash Cache is offering a clever Handlebar One Hitter System to assist in post-ride celebrations.

Stash Cache one hitter system

Sold as a complete system, the Stash Cache includes a glass ‘one hitter’ pipe that’s made in the Czech Republic. There’s also a storage compartment big enough to fit “a ride’s worth of green”.

Stash Cache’s creator says,”It all started last winter when I pulled up to the parking lot for a local Cache Valley fat biking trailhead in the early evening. The lot was full and there was no privacy. I didn’t bring a backpack and I didn’t want to put the smelly pipe in my pocket. That night I decided I needed a way to keep the smell on my bike and not me. “

Stash Cache one hitter system hidden in bar

pipe hidden in handlebar

Mark continues, “A few months later the bar-end Stash-Cache was born. It’s an all-in-one pipe and stash solution that’s discrete, affordable, and won’t leave your clothes or pack smelling like old skunk. Designed for whatever ride you’ve got in mind, it fits almost any flat bar, as well as some drop bars and cruiser bars. The storage body is designed and made in the USA, it has a no-rattle shape that securely holds a removable handmade glass one-hitter pipe (made in the Czech Republic), as well as a ride’s worth of green.”

Fits Most Handlebars:
Inside Diameter: 17.8mm – 20.5mm
Drop Bar Length: 110mm

Stash Cache packaging

Perhaps surprisingly, the Stash Cache is priced at just $20, leaving you with plenty of, uh, green.

Shipped via USPS, shipping rates vary based on location. Or you can order three kits, and shipping is free. Obviously, this product is for individuals 21+, and intended for areas where marijuana has been legalized.

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3 months ago

Does it fit in drop bars?

Mark LeBeau
3 months ago
Reply to  Dockboy

It works if the straight part of the drop is 110 mm. On my friends bike it curves a little for her bars. It could mess up the tape though.

3 months ago

Dude, what about mine? Sweet, what about mine?

3 months ago

Looks like you can smoke hard with it too, perfect.