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Stocking stuffers: Silca drops new Aero Sock colors, EDC strap

Four Silca Aero Socks in packaging.Silca Aero Socks.
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Anyone looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers for the cyclist who wants to pull back every available watt of power, after hammering through plates and plates of holiday treats, just got a couple of new options from Silca.

Earlier this year, Silca unleashed their Aero Sock with some big claims. The company said the socks, which feature ribbed lycra, polyamide fiber infused with silver ions, and Delta wing-shaped turbulators, could save riders eight to 12 watts at speed.

Silca CEO Josh Poertner admitted that the socks sounded like “the dumbest idea ever,” but said he was consistently amazed by their performance.

In any case, the first run of the socks, which featured four unique colors, sold out in five days. Silca has now expanded the color options with five new colors, and restocked its shelves for the holidays.

The new colors include: Bubblegum, Pink Italiano, Yell-Oh, Snow White, and Black Monochromatic.

Silca Bubblegum Aero Sock. Side view.
Silca Bubblegum Aero Sock.
Silca Pink Italiano Aero Sock. Rear view.
Silca Pink Italiano Aero Sock.
Silca Yell-Oh Aero Sock. Side view.
Silca Yell-Oh Aero Sock.
Silca Snow White Aero sock. Side view.
Silca Snow White Aero Sock.
Silca Black Monochromatic Aero Sock
Silca Black Monochromatic Aero Sock.

Pro White, Bright Lights, Classic Pink and Gray, and Belgium TFU are still available as well.

EDC Strap

In addition to the new run of socks, Silca also launched its Hypalon EDC strap. The strap feats a secure BOA locking mechanism and a non-abrasive strap with three hooks to help find the perfect fit. Silca says the strap is ideal for fastening equipment like flat kits, pumps, or other small accessories to a frame.

Silca Hypalon EDC Strap. Side view.
Silca Hypalon EDC Strap.
Silca Hypalon EDC Strap holding a spare tube and CO2 canister on a seat post.
The Silca Hypalon EDC Strap can attach small accessories to frames.

The Aero socks and Hypalon EDC Strap are available for MSRP $30 each.


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2 years ago

If I am going to pay $30 for a pair of socks, I want verifiable proof of aero benefits and watts saved over 20 miles averaging 15mph!

Raul D.
Raul D.
2 years ago

Test were done:

“….upgrading to a pair of aero socks like SILCA’s that can save 4-8w! That’s right, aero socks. We wouldn’t have thought that either, but countless wind tunnel tests have confirmed that a good aero sock can save 4-8w.”

Link: https://silca.cc/blogs/silca/top-10-marginal-gains-to-save-watts-on-the-bike?_pos=3&_sid=754e93c16&_ss=r

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