SONY DSCWith seven days’ riding planned, only room to pack a single helmet, and both hot and wet days expected on the Trans-Sylvania Epic stage race, helmet funk was–pardon the pun–on my mind. While today’s helmets are better vented, faster drying, and more odor-resistant than ever before, it would have been no surprise to wind up with an unshakable case of dank lid after a rainy afternoon or two. Happily, event sponsor Progold was on hand with a sample of their new foaming Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer- and we put it to the test. Hit the jump to find out if it kept the stink at bay…

A foaming aerosol spray, the Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer is designed to be sprayed on the inside and outside of a dirty helmet, pads and all. As the foam works its way into the straps and pads, it neutralizes the nasties that can cause bad odor and breakouts while leaving in its wake a pleasant–if gentlemanly–scent. SONY DSCAny residue can be wiped away and the helmet is left looking nice and clean.

In practice, it works. It would have been possible to pack along a spare set of helmet pads (something I considered- but don’t have), but that would have left the straps to get nasty. Showering with and shampooing a helmet regularly also works- but usually not while camping. Unfortunately, Progold’s aerosol can isn’t air travel friendly, which makes it impractical for traveling racers. A pump-action version would make it much more appealing for anyone headed for faraway races or vacations.

Riding with the Helmet Cleaner & Deodorizer, even eighteen hours after application, left me enjoying a halo of masculine scent- one that somehow evokes The Most Interesting Man in the World. Not one for women with jealous partners, then. But the scent did add a touch of civility to what could otherwise have been an unpleasant aspect of the race- something that I appreciated. Disappointed at having surrendered my sample to the TSA, I had been looking forward to a weekly or biweekly application to keep my helmet looking and smelling good and my riding interesting during a proper long-term review.  $10 from clean-scented retailers everywhere.



  1. g on

    Hold on a second- not only did this keep your helmet looking and smelling good, but it also kept your riding interesting? You actually just wrote that this product kept your riding interesting?!?! I didn’t know that a bike ride could be so boring that it would need to be supplemented with a helmet cleanser.

  2. Matt on

    It’s ok g, somebody just invented a helmet cleaner that leaves a noticeable, maybe-pleasant smell afterwards. You don’t have to buy it, I promise. 🙂


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