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Stylish 2016 kit from Twin Six, expanded Rapha Brevet range, plus Redwhite Race bibs

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Springtime is right around the corner. While snow isn’t far behind for a lot of us here at Bikerumor, we’ve had hints of warm weather and even seen some flowers popping up on rides. So we’ve been thinking of new colorful kits for the new road and mountain biking seasons, and apparently so have a lot of bike apparel companies.

Twin Six has just released their new 2016 line-up, and it includes a lot of the unique designs they are known for both in jerseys, shorts, and even their off the bike tees. Rapha has also added even more kit to get through the spring. They’ve been dropping new clothing almost every week for the last month and have now made several updates to their reflective-accented Brevet range for long unsupported adventures, and has branched it out to offer women’s versions of most pieces. The there is Redwhite who only makes bib shorts. They’ve adjusted their core bib design to better handle fast tempo and shorter rides. Check it all out below the fold…

Twin Six


Twin Six has made a bunch of small updates for 2016 that they claim improves the feel and performance of their entire line. One of the big new elements in the men’s jerseys is the trend towards longer sleeves. They also add a few new non-black shorts designs that create some well-coordinated kits like the BKB above for those who are a bit more adventurous, plus some matching vests and long sleeve thermal jerseys and even a couple of skinsuits.

And they have of course added a bunch of new fully sublimated designs to the polyester jersey lines.

Twin-Six_womens_Olive-Climber_jersey_front Twin-Six_womens_Detour_jersey_front

Twin Six does a pretty decent line of graphics in women-specific cuts as well. Jersey pricing is the same as the men, with some designs like the olive Climber available for both sexes. Then there are unique designs for each, such as the Detour here, which happens to be on sale for just $56. The 2016 women’s jerseys also get some updates; they keep shorter sleeves but get a new more comfortable form-fitting arm cuff that does away with added  elastic.


Twin-Six_mens_Blue-Dash_jersey_front Twin-Six_mens_White-Dash_jersey_back

Twin Six’s standard polyester jerseys sell for $85. The colorful H.C. evokes the contours of the toughest climbs, while the more geometric Dash below is available in either blue or white, as well as a women’s version.



Rapha-Brevet_Windproof-Brevet-Jersey_chest Rapha-Brevet_Windproof-Brevet-Jersey_back

Rapha has added a new Windproof Brevet jersey that takes their popular merino-blend ultra-endurance jersey and tacks on a windproof polyester layer on the chest to keep out cold wind. It also incorporates the updated fit of the new Classic II jersey. At 135£ (€/$ pricing not yet available) it will come in black or navy. The standard 130£/160€/$210 Brevet jersey remains unchanged this year, but does add a new light blue color option and new women’s versions.

Rapha-Brevet_Insulated-Brevet-Gilet_flat Rapha-Brevet_Insulated-Brevet-Gilet_back Rapha-Brevet_Insulated-Brevet-Gilet_rolled

We had a quick look at the new Insulated Gilet about a month back, but now have more details. The 130£/160€/$210 vest uses a quick-drying, hydrophobic Polartec Alpha insulation on both the chest and back, sandwiched in the DWR-treated nylon fabric. It looks to be very packable, and includes an elastic band at the back of the neck that can be used to roll it up to pack it small. Just like the jersey, the standard 80£/95€/$120 Brevet gilet carries over, adding a new light blue option and new women’s versions.

Rapha-Brevet_Brevet-Bib-Shorts_black-detail Rapha-Brevet_Brevet-Bib-Shorts_navy Rapha-Brevet_socks

For the lower body Rapha adds a new pair of Brevet bib shorts and some update socks. The bibs look to take tech design cues from their Classic bibs including the same fabric and straps, with a few long-distance touches. First off, they use a new chamois that is designed for even longer days in the saddle. Since the Classics already have a pretty thick and cushy pad, we’d have to guess that this one will go even farther in that direction. The bibs also use a new wide leg gripper for more comfort and a big extra reflective stripe for better visibility. At 180£/210€/$285  they will come in either black or navy to color coordinate with the other Brevet kit.

The Brevet socks get an update that adds a bit of Primaloft to the merino wool blend. What results is a relatively thin sock that offers a decent amount of insulation and great wicking. The socks also add a nice feature in their one silver stripe which is woven of a highly reflective yarn, like found in their shoe covers. The 20£/25€/$30 socks are available in several color options and both short and medium lengths.



Redwhite_RACE_bib-shorts Redwhite_RACE_bib-shorts_chamois

Redwhite apparel is a unique company in that they exclusively make bib shorts. No normal shorts, no jerseys, not even a pair of socks. Their thinking is that it’s best to stick with what they know. Their ultra-endurance shorts named BIBS carry over for the new year, as do the limited edition KOM version. While they have become rather popular for riders doing extreme length events like Paris-Brest-Paris and The Ride Across Britain, Redwhite was getting feedback from customers asking for a set of lighter and more minimal for more typical racing and riding.

The new bibs are called the RACE. To earn that name they dropped some bulk in a thinner, perforated three-layer chamois. That makes them wick faster, and remove heat more quickly during intense efforts. Otherwise the $160 bib shorts use the same premium Italian fabrics as their BIBS and the same wide, breathable silicone grippers.


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Ryan S
Ryan S
7 years ago

Really wish these classier designs and materials were available to us MTB’rs that don’t wear kits OR baggy, gaudy downhill garb. There is an entire middle ground that XC Joe Blow’s have very limited options.

Joe Blow

7 years ago

Some of those Twin Six jerseys have some cool designs, and the price is very reasonable, esp the ladies jerseys for $56!

Then I skimmed the Rapha portion and laughed at the prices.

Kernel Flickitov
Kernel Flickitov
7 years ago
Reply to  Allan

Allan, have you ever posted here without making references to what you can’t afford?

7 years ago

Twin Six is good for jerseys, but I had a bad experience with their $80 bibs — wore out VERY fast, thinning out (in the front!) in less than a year, in Wisconsin, where I don’t wear them for four months or so. Their pricier bibs might be better-made, but they didn’t really stand by their product with me.

7 years ago
Reply to  QuickGeezer

To be honest, I wouldn’t expect much from anyone’s $80 bibs.

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