Syncros broadens integrated Storage bottle cages for road, gravel & XC

Waffling over what to bring on a quick ride, or making sure you have all the tools you need for a road or trail-side emergency is a frustrating component of cycling.

With Syncros’ line of integrated storage bottle cages, riders can rest easy knowing they have everything they need combined into one package that is reliably mounted to their bike.

Syncros integrated storage bottle cages mounted in the frame of a Scott bike.

Syncros offers three different styles of integrated storage bottle cages designed for XC, trail or road riding.

Syncros has launched three different bottle cages that incorporate multi-tools and air pumps into their design, essentially negating the need for a small pack or pockets full of very hard pieces of metal that are absolutely no fun to fall on.

The iS Cache, iS Tailor, and iS Coupe bottle cages from Syncros all offer slightly different components and specs geared for different disciplines.


The Cache was developed for XC riders. It is a side-entry bottle cage that includes an eight-piece multi-tool, along with a chain tool weighing in at 130 grams.

Syncros' Cache eight-piece multi tool.

Syncros’ Cache eight-piece multi-tool.

The Cache also can accept either a CO2 cartridge and valve or a high-volume mini-pump on the side.

Tailor Cage

The Tailor cage, which originally launched in 2019, is the most versatile cage in the lineup, featuring an expanded 19-piece multi-tool, chain breaker, and a high-volume mountain bike pump. It has a low profile to fit in tight spaces and weighs 170 grams.

The Syncros Tailor integrated storage bottle cage with hand pump.

The Syncros Tailor integrated storage bottle cage includes a 19-piece multi-tool.

Coupe Cage

The Coupe cage is built for road and gravel. It comes equipped with a 10-piece multi-tool. It’s lighter than the Tailor at about 98 grams, and does not include a chain tool.

The Syncros Coupe integrated storage bottle cage with hand pump.

The Syncros Coupe integrated storage bottle cage comes with a 10-piece multi-tool and is designed for road and gravel.

It still comes with the option of mounted CO2 or hand pumps. It’s also outfitted with a special finish that does better at staving off corrosion.

The Syncros Cache integrated storage bottle cage tool set sitting on a saddle.

The Syncros Cache integrated storage bottle cage toolset includes an eight-piece multi-tool and a chain breaker.

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9 months ago

Put a cover on it, will ya. All that energy drinks be on it soon enuf.

9 months ago

no 6mm allen key, how to remove axles?

6 months ago
Reply to  Ricardo

all Scoot bike comes with the detachable axle hence why.. Syncros is a brand of Scott.. don’t need 2 of such