Taipei Cycle Show: KS Hints Towards The Future Of Electronic Dropper Posts

What’s better than a dropper post? A dropper post with no cables or wires. We’ve heard of wireless options in the works from Thomson and TranzX and now it looks like KS can be added to the mix, at least with a proof of concept. Hidden in plain sight in the KS booth next to the waterfall, there was a working prototype which basically was just to show the remote working the post. Apparently, modifying the LEV post to work with the system was fairly easy since the post is actuated through a valve in the oil circuit. By replacing the mechanical switch with a piezoelectric valve, the seatpost can be controlled electronically.

Taipei Cycle Show: KS Hints Towards The Future Of Electronic Dropper Posts

When it comes to the challenges of production, KS is investigating how to make the remote as small as possible and what to do with the battery. The concept remote is too bulky to put on a bike, but it works. The system has a power switch and a single button that allows the saddle to drop with pressure and raise on its own. This prototype is also running on NFC frequency which is a subset of RFID. Apparently it offers more frequencies than Bluetooth or ANT+ so there is less chance of you controlling your buddy’s post – though that could surely result in some entertainment.

The other hurdle is what to do with the battery. TranzX showed their post in renderings with the battery pack under the seat like a saddle bag, but KS is investigating other methods of storing the juice. Realistically, KS thinks an e-dropper is probably about 2 years out, so for now you’re stuck with the cable.



  1. manu on

    ok it’s a step forward but not the one most people were expecting I think….
    it’s still needs to be activated by rider weight to get to the low position.
    when will we get a dropper post that lowers on its own?

  2. Ilikeicedtea on

    I can’t think of a good way to lower a seat without body weight, without resorting to electric motors, and even then, I can think of a fast enough way to go about it.

    You have any ideas, manu?

  3. MulletRacer on


    You could make it pneumatic. Just pump up your canister before each ride. But that wouldnt be efficient or light.


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