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Tentsile return to earth w/ground conversion for Tree Tents, plus new Safari Vista & XL Hammocks

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I’d never even heard of tree tents until now. Boy, am I stoked. It seems I’ve been living under a rock, because these elevated campgrounds are definitely a thing. Tentsile have been making floating Tree Tents since 2010. Tyler interviewed the founder, Alex Shirley-Smith back in 2018 – get the Podcast here.

This Spring sees the launch of their 3rd generation Tree Tent, now a ten-strong range of floating hang-out pads to choose from. We take a look the raft of updates, including the all-new Safari Vista, Trillium XL Hammocks and ground conversion kits.

Tentsile’s 3rd Generation 3-person Stingray Tree Tent. Photo by Tom Kahler.

All-new Safari Vista Tree Tent

Anyone got a sudden urge to go camping? I’m not really someone who ventures off into the hills for a spontaneous bivvy, but maybe I would be if I had one of these! It’s still camping, but on a whole new level. Literally.

 Photo by Tom Kahler.
The Safari Vista is Tentsile’s largest tree tent. Photo by Tom Kahler.
  • Set Up Size: 13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5’ / 4.1 x 4.1 x 4.1 m
  • Claimed Weight: 39.7 lbs / 18 kg
  • Floor Area: 78 sqf / 7.5 m2
  • Max Load: 880 lbs / 400 kg

With a fully removable roof and insect mesh, the all-new Safari Vista would be a great giant hammock hangout for larger groups. Tentsile say this tree tent will sleep up to 3 adults or a small family. The UV-resistant rainfly is said to be one of the toughest on the market, with a waterproofing rating of 8000HH.

Photo by Tom Kahler

The Safari Vista retails for $999 / €999 / £999.

Tentsile Trillium XL Hammock

Photo by Adventure Labs
  • Set Up Size: 13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5’ / 4.1 x 4.1 x 4.1 m
  • Weight: 17.5 lbs / 9 kg
  • Floor Area: 78 sqf / 7.5 m2
  • Max Load: 880 lbs / 400 kg
Photo by Alex Hare

Tentsile claim the Safari Trillium Hammocks are the largest and most robust hammocks on the market. These models are made from durable double-stitched ripstop 450D Dacron floor fabric and UV-resistant material.

Made to hold 3 or 6 people, they can be left up for months at a time and with care, are meant to last up to five years.

Photo by Tom Kahler

Tentsile are so confident in the durability of the Safari range that these products come with a 5 year warranty.

Tentsile Tree Tents Gen 3 Updates

Tentsile’s new detachable underfloor storage nets. Photo by Tom Kahler.

New for the Generation 3 range of Tentsile Tree Tents are detachable underfloor storage nets. Store your kit underneath your living space, freeing up chill-up space up top.

tom kahler tentsile-stingray-rainfly-5000hh-waterproofing-cover
Tentsile plant 20 trees for every tent sold. Photo by Tom Kahler

Tentsile’s rainflies are upgraded for 2020. The rainfly for the 3-berth Stingray model now has a waterproofing rating of 5000HH, while the Stingray Safari model is rated at 8000HH.

Photo by Tom Kahler

The Gen3 tents now feature zippable, internal storage pockets to keep all your gear secure, and your sleeping area uncluttered.

The Tentsile Flite 2-person tree tent. Photo by Tom Kahler.

In line with Tentsile’s aim of leaving zero footprint, felt tree protector wraps come included with each model. These will allow you to elevate your adventure without damaging the delicate bark on some tree species.

TomKahler-bigger-hatch-floating tent suspended
The access hatch is now 40% larger on the Gen 3 Stingray. Photo by Tom Kahler.

The Tentsile Safari Vista Tree Tent gets a new heavy-duty, ripstop 450D Dacron floor to provide additional durability and longevity.

The Tentsile UNA one person tent. Photo by Alexander Arnholm.

Ground Conversion Kits

Reinventing the tent from the canopy down. Photo by Mickeal Thorne.

In a desert? No trees to hang from? No problem. The most revolutionary update to the 2020 range is the ground conversion kits. With the Gen 3 models, you can now return to earth with your Tentsile on the ground. Kits are available for all models save for the Stealth and Vista tents.

Tentsile ground conversion kit for the Stingray tree tent. Photo by Micke.

A ground conversion kit includes a heavy duty 100% polyethylene groundsheet that conforms to the footprint of the Tree Tent. Also included are 3 extendable aluminium poles, 6 low-impact screw pegs and 3 reflective guy lines.

The Tentsile Connect 2-person tree tent pitched with ground conversion kit

Pricing & Availability

tentsile-safari-tree-tent-stack ground conversion kit
Two Tenstile Safari Vista tree tents stacked on top of one another with a double bubble. Photo by Tom Middleton.

Tentsile offer a full range of tree tents from the UNA one-person model, to the Trilogy six-person tent, and everything in between. Pricing ranges from £299 to £1699. Ground conversion kits are sold separately at £60. Tentsile also offer a number of camping accessories to kit out your suspended sleeping space including a Sky Pad mattress, webbing ladder, a drinks holder, carabiners and spare rainflies. For full info on pricing, head to the Tentsile website.

Tentsile’s ratchet straps are tested to withstand two tonnes


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Chris Bussiere
Chris Bussiere
4 years ago

“Made to hold 3 or 6 people, they can be left up for months at a time and with care, are meant to last up to five years.”

This is TERRIBLE for the trees… the webbing around the trunk of the tree will strangle the tree’s and damage the cambium. It’s the quickest way to kill a tree. If you are going to leave it up for months (on your own property) then drill in some heavy eyebolts into the heartwood. It’s much easier on the tree actually.

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