Tern announced the new HSD e-cargo bike, encouraging you to Haul Stuff Daily. With a compact size and 170kg capacity, the HSD uses an unconventional design to maximize utility. Fitting riders from 150 to 195 cm (4’11” – 6’5″), Tern aims for the bike as a long-term family investment, akin to adding a small truck or utility vehicle to your commuting stable.

Tern HSD cargo utility e-bike

Tern is known for their unique designs, ranging from tiny folding bikes to e-bikes and unconventional cargo carriers. The new HSD is the smaller sibling to the dual-battery GSD e-cargo bike, opting for a smaller footprint in your garage and livelier feeling ride.

The HSD has a 115cm wheelbase and 170cm overall length, and breaks down partially for storage.

If you’re really limited on space, the rear rack is designed to balance the bike for vertical storage, too.

Electric pedal assist comes courtesy of Bosch, with battery capacity dependent on the spec level: the HSD S+ gets a 500 Wh battery, while the HSD S8i and P9 get a 400 Wh battery. Drivetrain also varies by model, with higher-end builds getting a Gates Carbon Drive belt system.

The top-end model even includes extras like an integrated Abus lock and Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost.

There is a huge number of potential configurations for the bike’s cargo, from rear racks for panniers and child seats to front and rear baskets, and more…all shown on their website. There are nine colors total between all the models (not all are available on every version), and prices range from €3,099 (HSD P9) to €3,699 (HSD €3,699), both with the 400W Bosch Active Line Plus motor system, and the €4,999 HDS S+ with a 500W Bosch Performance Line motor.

[Update: Tern let us know of updated US pricing from their North American distributor: 

HSD P9 – $3199
HSD S8i – $3799
HSD S+ – $5199


The HSD will be presented at Eurobike in 2019 as a 2020 model. Complete bikes are expected to be available at retail stores in the first quarter of 2020.



  1. JBikes on

    Very nice. Love the fitment range and rack stand feature.

    Geometry chart? They don’t list on and I’ve read reviews that the their geometry can lend itself to less stability at speed. Wonder if they changed the front-end on this and the GSD.

  2. Steve Gordon on

    A suggestion of Trekking does not sound like the milk man. Fast hills are common for many. I wouldn’t want to have to slow down due to front end instability. If that was a known problem and not addressed, i wouldn’t spend the money on an otherwise great all purpose cargo. I would hate to think they promote the carrying of children and did not fix the stability issue.


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