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Terrano XT gives hands-free communication to Canyon//SRAM Racing

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Terrano XT is a unique hands-free communication device that allows you to answer calls, listen to music, and even communicate rider-to-rider. Using voice commands and a headphone that sits outside of the ear, you can keep both hands on the handlebars, hear surrounding noise, and enjoy being fully connected to the riders around you. Terrano just announced a partnership with the Canyon//SRAM Racing team, giving them a step up in their training safety and communication.


Terrano XT Hands-Free Bicycle Communication System

Terrano XT is the second generation product from parent company Cardo Systems. The first generation launched in 2015, promising a big leap forward in hands-free safety and rider-to-rider communication. You can answer calls, listen to music, and even communicate rider-to-rider. The latest version offers up to 1.2 km of talking range between up to 4 riders at once, using Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Fits virtually all bicycle helmets
  • 2 way intercom systems
  • Aerodynamic design for comfort
  • Voice activation
  • All weather durability (IP67 waterproof)
  • Long-lasting battery (1 week standby / 13 hours talk)
  • Omni-Directional Microphone
  • Out-of-Ear headset for ultimate safety
  • Wireless connectivity to phone (iOS and Android)
  • Plays Bluetooth Stereo Music


For 2019, Terrano has announced a partnership with the Canyon//SRAM racing team, providing them with the hands-free device. While it doesn’t appear that they legally can use it during official competition, it will allow for improved safety during training, and better communication while scouting courses. Team rider, Tanja Erath, commented,

“I’m looking forward so see how the use of the Terrano system influences our communication within the team while inspecting a race course or training. Especially for TTT (team time trial) preparation, I can see Terrano working well. Voice activation allows you to keep your hands on the extensions to keep yourself and your teammates safe, with still being able to pay attention to the surrounding road noises. The best feature for me as a weak climber is the possibility of 1.5 km reach. It allows me to stay in contact with the strong climbers to keep them informed about my pain cave!”


A single Terrano XT system will run you $249, with a pair costing $459. Using the free Terrano Connect App, it harks back to an era of pro cycling with team radios and tactics – combined with modern cell phone integration, music, and safety. Available now from Amazon, or at the link below.


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5 years ago

Alternate choice: go buy a Sena 20S motorcycle headset for $50 less. Comes with clicky mount, in-helmet speakers, a relocate-able boom mic if you want, etc. Similar range, likely much better phone integration and compatibility.

4 years ago

Warning: Terrano has terrible customer service. They took five weeks (and four follow up emails from me asking where my order was) to even ship the order. Customer service took several days to reply each time, and they never gave any explanation for why it hadn’t shipped. I’d be very concerned about whether this company would respond if the system arrived broken or failed shortly after buying.

4 years ago
Reply to  Katherine

should have ordered it through Amazon. next day delivery. Easier to return if you don’t like it.

2 years ago

In response to the comments I’ve read here so far: Phone integration is excellent and, essentially, seamless though I’ve had to manually press the answer button sometimes as the unit didn’t answer when I yelled “answer” as the instructions indicate.

I agree that the Terrano people take a long time to send out their orders (one week or more) and there is no phone number available for instant communications. Their response time to emails can be, easily, 2 days and sometimes never.

If you order from Amazon you will usually pay the full price, usually. But the Amazon service is FAR better and that may be worth it to you.

Other than the Terrano company being almost useless, service wise, the units themselves are the best available to date and do what one reasonably expects of them. Note, the official maximum range of 1.2 kilometers (around 4000 feet) is under ideal conditions (line of sight in open terrain). Expect it to be typically 600-800 feet.

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