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The First Cycling Hijab, a Padded Skort & More Define Inclusive Rapha Women’s Clothing Line

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit, first-ever cycling hijab
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Rapha knows that for many women, traditionally tight-fitting cycling gear is not always the most comfortable way to dress to ride. So to inspire more women to feel confident on the bike, they developed a more inclusive and often times more modest, range of warm weather performance women’s cycling gear. Yes, it includes the first-ever cycling-specific hijab. But there’s also some more common clothing items seen in activewear off the bike. Like a new skort with a premium cycling chamois (and cargo pocket) inside. And an extended long jersey and padded long pants that simply deliver extra coverage.

Rapha ‘This is How We Ride‘ inclusive women’s cycling kit

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit, "This is How We Ride"

Rapha’s new women’s cycling clothing collection is “designed by women riders for women riders”. The idea is to break down barriers that keep some women from getting on the bike in the first place.

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit, first-ever cycling hijab

Their new inclusive women’s clothing campaign is called: ‘This is How We Ride‘. All the classic jersey & shorts favorites are still there, just now with more options for riders looking for a different way to show their on-the-bike style.

“For too long, women in cycling have been overlooked, undervalued and made to ride and wear kit that limits self-expression. Rapha is determined to help change that narrative and strives to create cycling apparel that makes all riders feel empowered, comfortable and confident.

Designed from the ground up by an all-female team, Rapha Women is a new and expanded range of women’s riding apparel developed through years of research. The result is a range of all-new and unique silhouettes, including the Women’s Padded Skort, Women’s Rapha Wind Gilet, Women’s Rapha Jersey, Women’s Rapha Wind Jacket, Women’s Cropped Cargo Top and Women’s Regular Cargo Shorts, to offer more options for self-expression to women on the bike.”

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit, making women more comfortable riding bikes

This new Rapha Women launch is a continuation of the British brand’s “commitment to further promote and grow women’s cycling”. We’ve seen several women-specific Rapha collaborations over the years, from pro cycling to fashion, to the playful spirit with Outdoor Voices.

“It was really exciting to take on a project like this and work with an all-women team to create a whole new collection that enables women to express themselves and feel comfortable and confident on the bike… We’re continuing to work on projects and innovations that open up the sport for women, so this is just the beginning!”

– Lauren Hunt, Rapha Women’s Apparel Designer
2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit, 12th annual Women's 100 coming soon

And again at the end of this summer, the biggest global annual women’s cycling event – the Rapha Women’s 100 – will again encourage women around the world to come together to ride 100km on that Sunday. This year will be the 12th running of the Women’s 100.

What’s new?

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit, hijab and Muslim-friendly outfit

The collection includes Rapha’s first range of modest wear developed alongside London-based cycling collective Cycle Sisters, an award-winning charity which inspires and enables Muslim women to cycle.” That includes the headline-grabbing hijab. But there’s also a new Long Jersey and Padded Riding Trousers that maximize rider performance and warm weather comfort. And yet, they still deliver the extra coverage that will help get more women on the bike.

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit, padded skort

The new Padded Skort and Cropped Zip Tank top go the other direction, opting for less coverage, but with style. They are just about giving women more options for how they look when riding. Because not everyone always wants to feel like they’re aspiring to be a road racer. Some cyclists just want to ride their bikes, and feel good at the same time.

2024 Rapha Women’s Inclusive Cycling Kit

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit: mew skort & cropped cargo tee top

The new $120 / 115€ Rapha Women’s Padded Skort comes in black or blue & 6 sizes (XXS-XL). It features Rapha’s award-winning women’s chamois pad & a cargo pocket on the right leg. The new $100 / 90€ Cropped Cargo Top gets black or sea green and 6 sizes. It’s a short-fit tee, big on rear pocket storage. Not nearly as crop-top short as the full-zip $75 / 68€ Cropped Zip Tank with its zippered rear essentials pocket. Or the $90 / 80€ Half Zip Tank with more fabric, so more rear pocket storage.

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit: new hijab, long jersey & long cycling trousers

In the modest line-up, the new $45 / 40€ Rapha Women’s Hijab comes in dusted blue, mushroom gray, or black. Fully covering a rider’s head and neck, it’s made from a light 100% recycled polyester with a mesh neck panel for max breathability. And of course, it fits comfortably under a helmet. The $135 / 125€ Long Jersey in 6 sizes and mushroom gray or black, is simply a longer cut extending past the hips. It features a half zip, backed by a mesh panel for ventilation without exposing skin. Then, new Rapha Women’s Padded Riding Trousers are $240 / 222€ technical long cycling pants in 3 colors. With a slightly loose but tailored on-the-bike fit, they promise comfort, full range of pedaling movement, and a bit of water-repellant weather protection.

2024 Rapha Women's Inclusive Cycling Kit: new jersey, gilet vest & wind jacket

The latest $120/ 115€ Rapha Women’s Jersey comes in jeweled blue, sea green, or black. There’s also an updated Wind Gilet (vest) for $135 / 125€ in jeweled blue or tan. And a new $190 / 170€ Wind Jacket in those same two colors. Plus, there’s an updated pair of Rapha Women’s Regular Cargo Shorts for $179 / 160€ in dark navy blue or classic black.

All of the new Rapha Women’s collection are available now.


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First cycling hijab? I think you’re about 30 years late …

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What a stupid comment.

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