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The Future Looks Bright for Commuters with Lumos’ Illuminated Backpack Concept

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Lumos-NOX-rendering Lumos-ninja-rendering

The development of cycling lights has really taken off in the last few years, with smaller and more powerful off-road models emerging and some clever innovations for commuters as well. We’ve seen lights that shine down onto the road and grips that make your bar ends glow created in an effort to increase rider visibility, but Lumos has a unique new idea that looks pretty promising.

Lumos is an India-based company that produces a line of solar-charging packs and pannier bags for cyclists, plus an LED-equipped helmet with integrated brake lights and turn signals. Recently Bikerumor got a sneak peek at some prototype designs for their forthcoming commuter backpacks that will feature illuminated panels and icons…

Lumos-ninja-rider Lumos-ninja-logo

Lumos’ backpacks use built-in USB rechargeable lithium ion batteries to illuminate patterns on rider’s backs, and the integrated lights offer ‘blink’ and ‘steady’ modes. The electroluminescent panels are waterproof, and their electronic connections are water resistant. The flexible light panels may get scratched, but won’t likely break if you happen to crash. Lumos anticipates a 2-4 year life span for the batteries. The company has released images of two prototypes called the Ninja and the Nox- Please note that some details may change before production, but here’s all the info we have now:


The 6L capacity Ninja is the smaller of the two packs, and features an illuminating cyclist logo on the lower back area. The Ninja’s streamlined shape and weight distribution have been ergonomically optimized for cycling, and its coated polyester fabric is waterproof in up to 70mm of rain.
The pack features several compartments for gear including an expandable compartment, two velvet lined pockets for your sunglasses and mobile devices, and a tool pouch. The Ninja’s largest pocket can store either a laptop up to 14” or a 3L hydration bladder. The Ninja also includes a detachable helmet/rain shell holder and a removable phone/POV camera pouch that sits on the waist strap for easy access.


To keep you cool, the Ninja’s back padding disperses sweat and is designed to promote ventilation. The shoulder straps are also perforated, and the pack’s cross-straps are removable. The Ninja weighs in at 800g, and will come in Stealth Black or Silver.


The 15L Nox pack offers a lot more storage, and a large illuminated X pattern that stretches from your shoulders to your lumbar region with Lumos’ lightning bolt logo in the center. The Nox’s largest pocket can accommodate a 15.6” laptop or 3L hydration bladder. An external elastic mesh pouch stretches to fit a water bottle, and loops are stitched into the lower area for attaching locks, etc.


The Nox shares many features with the Ninja pack including its cycling-specific ergonomic design, water-resistant material, ventilated back padding and straps, detachable helmet holder (which does party cover the illuminated X when in use), and a velvet pocket for delicate devices.
The cross-straps don’t appear to be removable on this model, and the larger pack does not include a separate phone/camera pouch. The Nox also weighs 800g, and will come in Stealth Black or Military Green.

Lumos-nox-dimensions Lumos-nox-rider

Lumos has working prototypes in their hands already, and they expect to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the Ninja and Nox packs sometime around January 2016. The new packs are currently not shown online, but watch their website for future updates. You can also contribute your comments on their contact page, as Lumos is looking to gather input from riders before finalizing their designs.


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8 years ago

Fine (for those who use backpacks), except that our bike regulations require us to have lights mounted *on the bike*. Could be worth checking out your local regulations before buying this (or use in addition to fixed lights). Legislation is also not too happy about non-red tail lights.

8 years ago

The illuminated straps are a better idea. The bike logo is in a perfect spot for stuff coming off the rear tire if there’s no fenders. The bike logo won’t work that well for people who ride more upright either.

I don’t think my local laws require lights to be on the bike, just that there are lights and the colours – red for rear, white for front – matter.

8 years ago

Why on earth would you go through all this effort, only to miss the most basic of points…. that for however long it’s been rear lights are RED and any other colour is just asking for a world of hurt.

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