Has your social media feed already started filling up with #crossiscoming posts? Us too. If that’s getting you excited for the upcoming cross season, then you’ll probably also be excited about this: green tires. Yes, the iconic green treads from Michelin look to be making a comeback with two new tread patterns for ‘cross.

The Green is back! Michelin cyclocross tires return in Power Jet & Mud, tubular & tubeless

Now sold under the Michelin Power family, the options will include the Mud and the Jet. The Mud is obviously designed for loose, sloppy CX conditions with a new tread pattern. We’re still waiting on the complete details, but it appears that the Mud will be offered in both tubular and tubeless models, with the tubular using a tan sidewall with the soft green compound for the tread. Currently, Michelin lists one size on the website in 700c x 33mm to comply with UCI regulations, and the tires have a claimed weight of 380g.

The Green is back! Michelin cyclocross tires return in Power Jet & Mud, tubular & tubeless

The Mud will also be available in a tubeless clincher which appears to have a black sidewall and green compound tread. Built with a 3 layer 120 tpi casing with Bead 2 Bead Protec reinforcement, the tires have a 335g claimed weight in 700c x 30mm.

The Green is back! Michelin cyclocross tires return in Power Jet & Mud, tubular & tubeless

For drier conditions, the Michelin Power CX Jet should take care of business. Also offered in a tubular and tubeless clincher, the tire has the same specs listed for the tubular as the Mud. The tubeless model however lists a 700c x 33mm size instead of 30mm, and therefore has a slightly heavier claimed weight of 360g.

The tires all seem to have varying availability with the first tubeless Mud tires available as early as this month, and the latest being the tubeless Jets which list December as their availability.




  1. js on

    Previous Michelin Mud CX tires in 30mm were wider than many 33mm tires from other brands. I hope it’s the same situation for these new versions as well. It’d be nice to have some green on my wheels again!

  2. servingteaincombatboots on

    Are we sure that the clinchers are tubeless? The product website doesn’t seem to indicate that they are tubeless (there is a “-” under “tubeless ready” for the clinchers; whereas for their power gravel tire, says “yes”).

    • Zach Overholt on

      This is one of the reasons I mentioned we were waiting on final details, their website isn’t super clear with details. But the Power CX Jet clincher lists tubeless ready as ‘yes’ while the Power CX Mud clincher just says nothing. It also lists the size as 700c x 30 on the chart, but in the photos it clearly shows a yellow ’33’ on the sidewall. My guess is that they’re both a 33mm tubeless clincher, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. servingteaincombatboots on

    I am now thoroughly confused… in Michelin’s website, Jet clincher is described as being tubeless in two locations but the Mud clincher is not described with such words on its website.

  4. servingteaincombatboots on

    I just ordered anyway. Hoping that the product info on one UK online retailer is correct in saying that Mud clincher is tubeless.


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