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The PiCycle – Electric Bicycle “Literally” Stops Traffic

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But while PiCycle may stop traffic on the world’s street corners and is developing a loyal early-adopter following, PiCycle continues to meet resistance in traditional bicycle distribution channels and because PiCycle has pedals, in traditional motorcycle channels.

The PiCycle: yet another solution to that troublesome “actually moving your body and getting a modicum of exercise” problem. It is alleged to reach speeds equal to urban car traffic — pretend for a moment that italics denote sarcasm — which is a great freaking idea. What the world needs now are more inexperienced cyclists being propelled through urban environments at terrific rates of speed. The people who think bicycles that can go 25 mph with no effort on the part of the rider are a good idea, are the same people who think energy drink/alcohol combos like 4 Loco are a good idea — “I have no judgment, but I’ve got tons of energy…let’s flip that cop car!” Is not all that dissimilar from “I have no idea how to ride a bike at 8 mph…but I’m gonna go 25!”

It may look more like a bike rack than a bicycle, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The PiCycle’s designer said this on the company’s blog:

In fact position a PiCycle next to a Ferrari and watch the Ferrari fight for attention.  Which begs another question: would a Ferrari still be a Ferrari if it were attainable by the masses?  Some questions – like this one – can’t be answered but in time we’ll know if PiCycle has the same curb appeal when there are a million of them running around.

In fact…in fact?

And you think zombie movies are scary? Imagine a million PiCycles screaming through the streets of your city or town. Not scared yet? Now picture them all being driven by people drunk on 4 Loco — “I have no judgment, but I’ve got tons of energy (which I’m not going to use right now), I have no idea how to ride a bike at 8 mph…let’s ride bikes into cop cars at 25 mph!”

The PiCycle also boasts “PiFi,” a feature that beams crucial PiCycle-related information to your iphone. This system facilitates recovery in the event of theft using Apple’s “Find My Phone” technology. Although, when it comes to anti-theft features, the PiCycle’s best defense is camouflage. It is exceptionally hard for thieves to distinguish the PiCycle from the bike rack it is locked to.

Specs and a really terrible joke after the break.

The PiCycle will be available in spring 2011 at Best Buy. Reserve yours NOW and receive a free handlebar-mounted pie-holder!

2011 PiCycle Sport Touring MSRP $2,995.99

•   For purchase at Best Buy Stores Spring 2011

•   Patented 6061 t6 Aluminum Heat-Treated Monocoque Frame

•   Pi Red Licorice Powder Coat with Satin Black Accents

•   Internal 10 Amp hour Li-ION Battery with 1-Year Warranty

•   Front-drive 750 Watt / 36 volt Brushless DC Motor

•   Chain Drive with Eccentric Bottom Bracket Tensioning

•   Seven-Speed Rear Derailleur with Index Shifting

•   Fully Adjustable Front Elastomeric Front Suspension

•   Cable Disk Brakes with Stainless Rotors (203mm front / 160mm rear)

•   Recharge Time = 3.5 hours – External 5 Amp hour Li-ION Battery Optional

•   Frame + seat configuration conforms to heights ranging from 5’4″ to 6’2″ – optional alternatives available

•   Gel Saddle + Gel Grips

•   24″ x 2.5″ Maxxis Tires + Double-Wall Aluminum Rims

•   Lifetime Warranty Frame + Fork

•   Individual Warranty for Non-Pi Components Per Individual Manufacturer

Visit PiCycle’s site for more info.

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Joe Jacobs
13 years ago

Just wait until these show up on non-motorized vehicle paths. Should be interesting the first time one of these things passes a rollerblader with a dog on a leash at 25 mph. If you want a motorized bike, just get a scooter. It would also be awesome to see a tandem one in yellow. McDonald’s could sponsor it. Perfect way to take your date out for a Big Mac and fries.

13 years ago

Hey now, 4 Loko was the Shiznit and I cannot believe those wusses at the FDA banned it.

13 years ago

I like pie.
I like Pi too.
I also liked 4 loco.
I’d like to eat a pie while riding a Picycle after drinking 4loco. The person who can recite Pi to the farthest digit wins.

13 years ago

Daniel Tammet wins.
“Tammet says he was able to recite, in a proper order, 22,514 numbers. It took him over five hours and he did it without a single mistake.”

A ‘Pi’ is a terrible thing to hate.

Stan Ploar
Stan Ploar
9 years ago

Well, now this Picycle is $6000! WTF??? Why did they raise the price from $2500, to $3000, and now to $6000??? I guess they realized they were as good as the e-bikes selling for $6k, which might be true. You don’t get much of an e-bike for $2500 these days.

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