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The Radavist Makes Declaration of Independence, Introduces Rad Bazaar Buy/Sell Forum

Radavist goes Independent riding into the treesPhoto c. The Radavist
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For those of you who read my work, you probably guessed that I’m a fan of a number of different sites, including The Radavist. And some of you may not know that roughly two years ago, The Pro’s Closet (TPC) bought The Radavist. Well, it seems that The Radavist has parted ways with TPC only to have the site transition back into the hands of founder, John Watson.

Radavist goes Independent John Watson photo
Photo c. The Radavist

Being a fan of John’s work, I felt both relieved and shocked at the same time.

I was relieved for no reason other than I thought the site suffered a little without John at the helm. But, also a bit shocked because you don’t hear of this type of “re-acquisition” happening very often… at least, I don’t.

TPC seemed to know the value of what they had, and did pretty well with it over the last two years, but it’s good to see it back as an independent site.

Anywho, let’s hear from John, himself.

From The Radavist Site:

After two years in partnership, working together under the same ownership, TPC and The Radavist have made the decision to part ways. The publishing brand was transitioned back to its previous owner – and founder – John Watson.

The two brands accomplished much together these past two years, including the development of a lucrative content-commerce business and an increase in material that the publication’s loyal followers were hungry for.

The decision to return the brand back to John was made after TPC’s latest round of strategic planning, and the efforts to double down on the brand’s core retail business and TPC messaging. We wish nothing but the best for John and The Radavist team, and will continue to support their publication for many years to come.

“Over the past two years, I’ve learned a lot from TPC in terms of how to grow a media company, and that experience has been all the more enjoyable thanks to the knowledgeable and friendly staff at TPC. The Radavist will emerge a better media organization because of TPC’s insight and I wish the company the best of luck on its journey.” John Watson, founder of The Radavist.

New Co-owner

Radavist goes Independent John and Cari
Photo c. Kyle Klain – Cari and John

This news brings with it a new co-owner. Along with John, his long-time partner, Cari Carmean are now co-owners of The Radavist LLC. Cari has actually been a big part of The Radavist, albeit behind the scenes. For the last seven years, Cari has been the designer for all of The Radavist’s merchandise, running the advertising program, and handling the finances for the site.

What’s the Future Bring?

Radavist goes Independent trees changing colors

The Radavist will still be using their current roster of editors, contributors, and contractors moving froward. Plus there’s the new Group Ride Subscription Plan and the RaD BaZAaR. The Rad Bazaar should be kick-ass in general, but also seems like a great place for all of us alt-cycling nerds to geek out. You know who you are.

Group Ride Subscription Plan

The Radavist is offering their readers the Group Ride Subscription Plan for $6.66 a month or 69.69 for the year. You can go here to subscribe. There are some pretty tasty bennies that you get to take part in when you subscribe, so make sure to check it out at The Radavist.

RaD BazAaR

Radavist goes Independent Rad Bazaar logo

They are also doing what they’re calling the Rad Bazaar. When subscribing to Group Ride, you get a “seller’s account” for the Rad Bazaar. The Rad Bazaar is a moderated, niche-specific forum where you’ll be able to sell just about anything, from an old pair of Nitto handlebars, or a Brooks B17 saddle, to trading in a used bikepacking bag for a pannier you’ve had your eye on.

No more explaining to buyers on other forums about why that Duralcan with Paul Cantis and cruiser bars is worth $500. We get it. You get it. This will be the new playground for the reuse/recycle/re-commerce community in the alternative cycling sphere.

Note: You don’t have to be a Group Ride Subscriber to buy from the Bazaar, only to sell on the Bazaar.

A big “congrats” to John and Cari for getting the site back, I’m really excited to see what comes next for The Radavist.


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john watsoon
7 months ago

Hey Ron. Thanks for this. Means a lot. Much love over here. xo

Andrei Kasaev
Andrei Kasaev
7 months ago

Hey I like this sort of news and content! Thanks for posting!

7 months ago

bring on the rad bazaar! great idea

E x
E x
7 months ago

Paying to be a seller on a nonexistent marketplace? Yeah that’s gonna go over like a lead balloon. Meanwhile, all the actual buying and selling is still going to happen at pink bike.

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