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The Scully Bar, a New Long Distance Alt Bar by Whisky Parts Co.

Whiskey Parts Co Scully Bar from the topPhoto c. Whiskey Parts Co.
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When it comes to staying comfy on your bicycle, handlebars are a critical part of the equation, and bike component maker, Whisky Parts Co’s says they nailed it with their new alt. bar. The “performance-ready” Scully Bar is said to have the right amount of reach paired with the perfect amount of back/up sweep.

This new endurance bar attempts to cure the common pain points associated with all types of long-distance/endurance riding. “We wanted to create something that had the right amount of back sweep and up sweep but still be a true mountain and performance bar that covers a wide range of riding styles,” says Product Manager Jeremy Christianson.

Whiskey Parts Co Scully Bar from the bottom
Photo c. Whisky Parts Co.

Flat bars are a known cause of muscle fatigue. We’ve all felt the effects of a long ride behind a pair of flat bars. Sometimes it results in tricep, wrist, and maybe even upper back/shoulder pain.

Whiskey Parts Co Scully Bar with bag

The Scully’s 5-degree up sweep and elegant 23-degree back sweep “neutralizes wrist position”. This position is said to give riders more natural handling that’s both ergonomic and functional.

Whiskey Parts Co Scully Bar single speeder

Engineered for endurance, the bar’s geometry serves the XC single-speeder, the fat tire explorer, or the gravel commuter. The result is the Scully Bar allows the rider some well-deserved comfort.

Even with its forward bend, Whisky Parts say Scully has a generous amount of clamping space for lights, handlebar bags, aero extensions, computer mounts, or whatever else you may decide to clamp onto a handlebar.

Whiskey Parts Co Scully Bar downhill

Scully comes in two widths, 780mm or 820mm, and can be trimmed down to 750mm if that’s what moves you. Even in the 750mm width, you won’t lose any of the bar’s functionality.

Carbon Scully Bar

Whisky Parts Co says the carbon version of the Scully carries a “low thermal expansion that brings relief in brutally cold conditions”, claiming that “no extra heat is drawn from your hands” while riding in extremely cold conditions. And that it uses a “high-modulus, unidirectional carbon fiber construction”, making it “efficient, comfortable, and compliant to your needs as an endurance rider”.

Whiskey Parts Co Scully Bar on bridge

A\luminum Scully Bar

The aluminum version of the Scully is heat-treated and “provides a lightweight, durable grip for riders interested in testing the handling of Scully before upgrading to carbon”. Whisky says, “Doubling as your trail and touring bar, both our carbon and aluminum bars are ISO tested for harsh terrain, which means anything from paved singletracks to rowdy fat bike trails is fair game”.

Whiskey Parts Co Scully Bar deer in the trail

Scully Bar Retail and Spec


  • Aluminum $65
  • Carbon $180


  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8
  • Bar width: 780mm & 820mm (trimmable down to 750mm)
  • Rise: 20mm
  • Upsweep: 5 degrees
  • Backsweep: 23 degrees

To find a dealer to grab a handful of the Scully Bar check the link below.


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Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
7 months ago

Don’t terrorize the deer, buddy!!!

Seriously, these look great. Picking nits on their ad copy, I’d say that “low thermal expansion” should perhaps be “low thermal conductivity”.

7 months ago


7 months ago

820mm! Chiropractors rejoice nation wide

7 months ago
Reply to  sirbikealot

Wild right! How did they end up with 820? Any explanation on with justification?

Glenn Sinsigalli
Glenn Sinsigalli
7 months ago

Origin8 Spacebars are more extreme, but what I ride on MTB. Straight bars = numb hands.

7 months ago

No one is going to comment on that guy’s awesome hair? Ok I will. Awesome hair! 🙂

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