The Sehen bike mirror eliminates vibrations to provide a clear view

Mirrors may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But for those who do rock the reflective appendage, vibrations can often make viewing the surroundings a headache. Sehen seems to have the fix with their new vibration resistant mirror. A stiff construction works in tandem with a secure mounting bracket to prevent shaking and rattling. Jump past the break for details and video…

photo & video c. Sehen

Sehen bike mirror

The Sahen mirror is designed around its use with glasses. It’s able to mount to glasses, hats, and helmets with a simple press design. Rotating the acrylic screw presses the glasses, hat or helmet between two rubber coated aluminum blocks which creates a secure fit. Further, the short arm and robust build prevent the frame from vibrating. Their Kickstarter campaign has wrapped up, but after reaching more than 1,300% of their goal the Sehen mirror will become available for the estimated price of $30.


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