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The Thunderdrome: Road Bike/Mountain Bike/Moped/Scooter Racing Event Oct. 16th At Detroit’s Abandoned Dorais Velodrome

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Detroit will never be as it once was; the rows upon rows of factory workers and their families have left for good. We believe in revitalization through reinvention – realizing the gifts our ancestors have given us are still here and still very real.” – The Thunderdrome group

If you’re anywhere near Detroit you need to check out this awesome grassroots event on October 16th. Organized to help pay for repair and upkeep of Detroit’s abandoned Dorais Velodrome, they’re calling the event “The Thunderdrome” and it will include road bike, mountain bike, moped, and scooter races! As you can see in the photo above, the race will have some naturally occurring obstacles such as cracks and clumps of grass and tree roots–sure to make this an event to watch! Doors open at 8:00AM, Spectating is free, $20 to enter a race.

Can’t make the race, but believe in the cause? Donate here.

More info on their website and after the break.

Press Release: The event is free to spectate and only $20 per entrant to cover costs. Any profits we do make will be rolled into the repair and upkeep of the Velodrome.

The Mountain Bike class, sponsored by Homegrown Cycles is for human-powered mountain bikes having sturdy construction. Suspension is suggested, but not required. The course includes most of the Velodrome and a grueling, super fast downhill portion with roots and other obstacles. Finally, the mountain bikers will need to huff out a long stretch along some very tiring grass sections. Come strong. The Road Bike class, sponsored by Homegrown Cycles, is for human-powered road bikes with on-road tires. The course is only the Velodrome, but the Velodrome surface has some moderate cracks that will change your racing line considerably.

This’ll be interesting: The Moped class, sponsored by 1977 Mopeds, is for engine-powered mopeds 75cc or smaller. Electric mopeds of similar power to a 75cc engine or smaller will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Transmission and clutches are totally open and free to choose. Pedals are optional, but extremely suggested based on the Le Mans-style start. The Moped class runs on only the Velodrome, but the surface is
sure to give you some surprises to your line.

Finally, the Scooter class. Everyone in this world hates Scooters - except that everyone also loves to ride them. Scooters must be under 50cc and must have a single drive ratio. Electric scooters of similar power to a 50cc engine or smaller will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Scooters cannot have pedals.

Our sponsors include 1977 Mopeds Racing, Homegrown Cycles, Hogpath,
Loudbaby and others to come.

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