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Things You Can’t Have (Yet) From Embrocation Cycling Journal, Cinelli, And Rapha

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The guys from Embrocation Cycling Journal have got style in vast quantities, just about everything they touch turns to aesthetic gold — they ooze style like the Reverend Terry Jones oozes hate and stupidity. I mean, check out these custom Cinelli Ram 2 integrated bar/stem units. Kind of ridiculous aren’t they? These things were imagined and designed by Embrocation founder and Rapha Continental media-dude Jeremy Dunn. Now I don’t even OWN a road bike and I would never want to purchase a totally absurd, over the top item like these bar/stems, but damn…I think I would marry them. Or at least date them for an extended period of time until they realized what loser I am and decided to run off with some guy with an ironic mustache.

For several more detailed photos of these bars and some shots of the Rapha-made Embrocation team jacket comprised of Unobtain-e-olyester (shoot, that almost worked), click “more.”

The stove top espresso maker is ubiquitous throughout Embrocation’s line of goods. In fact, Embrocation’s next venture is a collaboration with a coffee roaster to come up with an Embrocation-branded coffee. More details on that in a future post perhaps.

You picking up on the theme here?

It’s very important to have the underside of your components well logoed…for those aerial shots. I hear Embrocation Cycling Journal’s James Morrison won the road stage of the Cat 2 race at the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic this year by hucking the peloton.

Keeping it smooth and clean up in here.

The full package: custom painted Ridley Helium.

And speaking of cool things you can’t have (unless you’re an Embrocation team rider) I went up to The Gran Prix of Gloucester (the biggest-deal New England Cyclocross race) this past weekend and all I took pictures of was this stupid jacket. OK, it’s not really a stupid jacket, it’s quite brilliant actually. It’s just that I can’t get one, so I feel compelled to, as my grandmother used to say, “hate on it.” The guy in the photo? That’s former Messenger World Champ Peter Bradshaw. Ryan Treb-who-who? Tim Johnso-wha-wha? We got Petey-Freakin’-Bradshaw right here!

I kind of wanted to say something about “Jeremy Pow-wow-wee-wow-wow” back there, but I couldn’t make it work.

Thing is, you can get a non-Embrocation-branded Rapha Classic Soft Shell jacket and you can get an Embrocation-logoed track jacket. It’s sort of like taking a chocolate bar and a spoonful of peanut butter, jamming them both in your mouth at the same time and pretending you’re eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Apparently the problem with getting more of these jackets made is the price, which is around $400. Four hundred dollars is a lot of money, you could probably buy like four hundred Livestrong bracelets for that.

Although can you put a price on this — the Rapha butt-flap? C’mon!

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13 years ago

amazing working with you guys !

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