Watch out Yakima, Thule now has (many) roof top tents of their own. Well, more like Thule now owns a company that has their own line of roof top tents. Tepui Outdoors has been one of the leaders when it comes to roof top mounted accommodations, and it was recently announced that The Thule Group has acquired them.

Thule sets up camp with acquisition of Tepui roof top tent company

Initially founded by Evan and Gabriela Currid in 2010, Tepui has gone from basically one model to many in both hard shell and soft shell for 2, 3, or 4 people. Given that The Thule Group is an expert on mounting things to the roof of your car (and your truck), the addition of another accessory group like RTTs (Roof Top Tents) makes a lot of sense.

Thule states that the current Tepui staff including Evan Currid as President, Bernard Bove as Director of Operations, and John Griffith as Director of Sales & Marketing, will continue to manage the product category for the Thule Group.

As for the product, it will be interesting to see how the tents evolve with the addition of Thule DNA – personally, we’re hoping for a faster mounting mechanism than the U-bolts so you could quickly install or remove the tent from your roof for a weekend adventure.

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