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Timbuk2 Releases Porkchop and Rump Roast – Not Your Average Fanny Packs

Porkchop Timbuk2 Pack Closed
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Porkchop Timbuk2 Pack Closed

Generally, I throw on a backpack for essentials when I’m around-towning, but sometimes wearing the entire backpack is burdensome. Fanny packs are an alternative. Unfortunately, most fanny packs are lame. These two fresh releases by Timbuk2 aren’t, at least by my standards. The Porkchop and Rump Roast belt packs are comically advertised with the slogans chicks dig it and hot!, but if you can muster up the courage to strap one on, there seem to be quite a few benefits.

Porkchop is the smaller of the two, pictured above. It features a detachable shoulder strap to throw it across your body and can alternately be threaded through a belt. An internal faux fur pocket, pictured after the break, is large enough for smart phones and cameras. Made from fine weave ballistic nylon with a waterproof TPU liner, the Porkchop should be able to take the elements as well as any messenger bag. Pricing is $35. Colors offered are cement grey, black, and mahogany brown.

Click through the break for more pics of the Porkchop along with a glance at Timbuk2’s Rump Roast belt pack…

Porkchop Timbuk2 Pack OpenRump Roast

RumpRoast Timbuk2 Pack Closed

Timbuk2’s Rump Roast functions as either a fanny or a belt pack, with a removable waist strap. Included in addition to the main pocket is an internal faux fur pocket for smart phones and cameras. Made from the same weatherproof materials as the Porkchop, the Rump Roast stands apart with its dedicated U-lock holster. Pricing is $39. Colors available are the Rastafarian pictured here and solid black.

RumpRoast Timbuk2 Pack Ulock

RumpRoast Timbuk2 Pack Open

Read more on on the Porkchop and Rump Roast at Timbuk2’s website.

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11 years ago

Hipsters seem to be against adding anything to the bike that might make it look uncool. Hence, these things. The rest of us will continue to use saddlebags.

I do have a belt pouch that looks similar called the Safepacker, but I use it to carry something that goes bang. Those are the kind of things that need to be directly attached to you.

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