Provided you don’t take your cyclocross racing too seriously, the handup is nearly a rite of passage. It doesn’t have to involve beer, but it’s pretty common to find some barley pop inside as you try to choke down some mystery beverage from a Solo cup while en route to DFL.

So when Deschutes Brewery wanted to create a new brew to honor the memory of Deschutes co-owner and cyclocross team member Colby Nightingale, HandUp IPA was born. Sadly, Colby lost his battle to Pancreatic cancer last October, so Deschutes is donating $1 from every barrel of HandUp IPA sold to benefit Pancreatic Cancer research in his memory.

According to Deschute’s description, the beer is an “American-style IPA with aroma and flavor driven by the citrus, tropical, and grassy hop notes.” It also has a “Light malt character with a crisp dry finish” and “ultimate drinkability with 65 IBU’s and 6.5% ABV.” You’ll find HandUp IPA as part of the mainstay Deschutes line up in bottles and on draft in independent chains starting September, 1, and major chains starting October, 1.

So at your next cross race, feel free to give a HandUp – for Colby!

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  1. MikeS. on

    This is a pretty cool tribute, especially given that Deschutes has always been a major sponsor of the Cyclocross Crusade in Oregon. I expect that many racers in that series will take home sixers of “Handup IPA” for being the last numbers to line up at starts!


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