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TomTom Shakes Things Up With Their New Bandit POV Camera

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Tom Tom Bandit POV Camera, full

Following in the footsteps of fellow GPS brand Garmin, TomTom has officially jumped into the POV camera game with their new Bandit action camera. In short, it does everything you’d expect from a modern POV camera along with a few pretty unique features.

The Bandit camera has the ability to overlay data, automatically tag GPS-detected highlights as you film, and offers a cool ‘shake to edit’ function that makes on the spot video production quick and easy. Check out the official promo video and more details after the break…

The most interesting idea the Bandit presents is the ‘shake to edit’ feature. With TomTom’s mobile app installed, simply shake your smartphone and it places all your video clips together in random order. The camera hosts its own built-in media server that eliminates the need to download clips before editing them into a video, making the process nearly instant. All you have to do is add music, upload and your video is ready for viewing.

Users still have the freedom to make changes to the order of clips or add graphic overlays before uploading, including showing speed, altitude and location on the finished video.

Tom Tom Bandit POV Camera, highlight icons

The camera enables users to tag video highlights as they happen by hitting the main button on the back end (or the optional remote control) while filming, plus the camera’s built in GPS sensors can automatically tag significant events based on heart rate, speed, G-force, acceleration and altitude. The highlights appear as icons on your video timeline, allowing you to skip to the action easily while reviewing the clip. A data overlay function is also included so you can show your speed, location and altitude on top of your video image. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity are both hosted to enable on-the-spot video sharing and instant footage review via your smartphone.

The Bandit captures hi-res video at 4K/15 or 2.7k/30, plus 1080p and 720p at several different frame rates. It shoots still photos at 16mp and offers two burst modes. Users can choose between normal and wide-screen views in 1080 and 720 settings, but 4k, 2.7k and still photos are only shot in wide-angle mode. It also has a time lapse feature with five selectable increments, plus three slow motion settings.

The camera has a 3.7” long body with a 0.87 x 1 inch viewfinder screen on top, and weighs 6.7 ounces (190g). The body is only rated as splash proof, but a waterproof dive lens cover can be added for protection up to 50m. The Bandit features a built-in microphone, but an external mic can also be plugged in.

Tom Tom Bandit POV Camera, batt stick

TomTom’s Batt Stick battery and micro SD card housing provides up to three hours of power when recording in 1080x30fps. The camera will go into standby mode after two minutes to preserve battery life, and the housing contains an LED battery gauge so you know when you’re running out of juice.

Tom Tom Bandit POV Camera, handlebar mount

TomTom has its own mounting system for the Bandit, and the camera can be rotated within its mounts to keep it filming right side up. Riders will probably notice that the handlebar mount seems a bit large- While it looks highly adjustable, it would be nicer to have something much leaner and shorter. Thankfully, the helmet mounts look like a far sleeker option.


Video: 1080p30 / 1080p60 / 720p60 / 720p120
Cinematic: 4k15 / 2.7k30
Time lapse: 1080p30 / 4k30 (Capture at 1/s, 1/5s, 1/10s, 1/15s, 1/30s, 1/60s)
Slow motion: 1080p x2 / 720P x4 / WVGA x6
Photo: Single photo 16 MP
Burst photo: 16 MP / 8 MP (Capture at 10/s, 10/2s)
Field of View: 1080p30 / 1080p60 / 720p60 / 720p120- Wide angle / Normal
4k15 / 4k30 / 2.7k30 / Photo- Wide angle

Audio: Built-in microphone- Yes
External microphone- Via optional cable
Wi-Fi- Yes
Bluetooth Smart- Yes
USB 3.0
Storage: microSD card
(Class 10 microSD card not included)

Display Size: 22 x 25 mm / 0.87 x 1 inch
Weight: 190 g / 6.7 oz
Dimensions: 94 x 38 x 52 mm / 3.7 x 1.5 x 2.0 inches
Water Resistance: IPX7 Splashproof lens cover,
IPX8 (5ATM / 50 M / 164 ft) with Optional Waterproof lens cover
Battery Life: Up to 3 hours at 1080p30
Power saving: Stand-by mode after 2 min
Capacity: 1900 mAh
Charging: USB or optional charging cable
Fuel gauge: Batt-Stick LEDs
Supported languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian

The Bandit can be purchased in two kits- The basic kit includes the camera, Batt Stick, splashproof lens cover, four TomTom surface mounts and a GoPro mount adapter. The premium pack adds a remote control, handlebar mount, dive lens cover, 360 degree pitch mount and a power cable.

They already have a slew of accessories for the Bandit cams including various mounts, selfie poles, polarizing lens covers and more. The Bandit POV cameras will be available to the US market on Tom Tom’s website in June, and the basic kit will sell for $399 USD.


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8 years ago

You can’t beat the Garmin data overlay features ( G-Metrix ) found in new X and XE model with TomTom “shake” feature. Not everyone like to shake 😉

8 years ago

As a professional cartographer I hope Tom Tom’s cameras are better than their crap road data.

Le Piou
Le Piou
8 years ago

Truth is you can have the best cam on the market if the editing tools suck, it won’t work.
I have a GoPro, and technically is a great cam, but the editing software is a real pain and the sync with an iPhone is not even worth mentioning…
If TomTom’s is as easy and good as they claim (especially if you can indeed, share your stuff “on the fly”), then they might have a good chance…

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