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Top 10 Ways To Wrap A Bicycle For Christmas

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  1. Use a Bike Bag, shown in the excellent demonstration video above (really? you need two guys to demonstrate it? : ). It’s around 9$ online, but spend almost as much on shipping if in the US.
  2. Take a picture of the bike and wrap the picture up in a small box with directions on where to find the bike
  3. Give a gift certificate to your LBS so the recipient can enjoy picking out the bike at the shop.
  4. Put the bike on the roof, while unwrapping other presents act like you heard something outside, get recipient to go with you outside and act surprised when you see bike on roof and say: “Santa must’ve left it there when he couldn’t fit it down the chimney!”
  5. Wrap the new helmet that goes with the bike with a note that the new bicycle to wear it with is in the garage.
  6. Wrap all the pieces to the bike separately so recipient has lots to unwrap on Christmas morning, since they won’t be getting anything else as you spent all your money on the bike.
  7. Buy a bike case and put the bike inside and wrap that.
  8. Buy up all the wrapping paper at your child’s school fund-raiser and piece it all together to cover the bike.
  9. Make a fabric bag. Buy some Christmas fabric at the fabric store and buy a length 2.5 times the length of the bike. Spread fabric out on floor, fold in half, sew one short side and one long side leaving one long side open. Place bike near tree and pull fabric bag over  top of bike leaving the open side along the bottom of the bike. If you can’t sew, use a stapler or duct tape.
  10. Don’t wrap it, put a bow on it and set it up near the tree.

Either way, watch as the recipient gets the biggest grin on their face as they realize what they’re getting for Christmas! Enjoy your holidays and don’t keep that bike wrapped up for long – get out and ride! (PS- if you have any other ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments section.)

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13 years ago

get a lug from henry james, rivendell (they sometimes have lugs at odd angles they can’t use cheap), or paragon machine works. hang it at the back of the tree, with a note folded inside telling where to find the bike. wrap a note in a box instructing the recipient to go look for new ornaments on the tree.

Bike Bag
13 years ago

Thank you Bike Rumor for making our Bike Bag the Number 1 way to wrap a Bicycle for Christmas!!

We are currently looking for distributors in the US so if any retailers or distributors are reading this, please get in touch.

Merry Christmas!!

From all at the Bike Bag team of The Big Paper Bag Company.

13 years ago

Number 6 would be my favourite way by far!

Not sure I’d be popular if I took over my usual workshop (the kitchen) though…

Eve Dutkiewicz
Eve Dutkiewicz
10 years ago

I love the bike bag

7 years ago

Buy a 1.00 disposal plastic table cloth…put it over the bike, add a bow…..duh, done this and it works great…also can use fabric, blanket… etc

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