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Top 23 of 2023: The Year’s Most Popular Stories on BikeRumor

Bikerumor top 23 stories of 2023 SRAM Transmission
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Looking back at 2023, it has been a wild year for the bike industry. Huge product launches went hand-in-hand with big financial trouble for some surprising names. Based on our top stories of the year though, it’s safe to say that 2023 was the year of the Transmission. Our launch story on the “end of the mountain bike drivetrain” took the top spot for the entire year.

The rest of the top spots include everything from stealthy ebikes, to patent stories, to buyer’s guides, and even an op-ed (about those previously mentioned financial troubles). Check out the list of our top 23 stories of the year below!

1. First Look! SRAM Transmission Ends the Mountain Bike “Drivetrain”

2. Detroit Bikes Release USA-Made, 32lb eBike That Looks Like a Normal Bike!

3. 3T Exploro RaceMax Italia 3x Reveals Next-Level Raw Carbon Weave Gravel Bike

4. Thule Outset Hitch-Mounted Tent is a Portable Base Camp

5. Intense Quietly Releases 951 Carbon Gravel Bike, Available at Costco

6. Suweeka Hitch Rack Raises & Lowers, Then Disappears

7. Best Bike Chain Lubes: How to make your bike faster, quieter & smoother


8. AASQ: What is the Best Bike Upgrade for the Least Amount of Money?

9. All-new Lauf Seigla Gravel Bike Dramatically Boosts Compliance & Tire Size

10. The Best Hitch Bike Racks of 2023

11. Patent Patrol: SRAM’s Self-Charging Auto-Shifting Rear Derailleur

12. Spotted: A New XC Race Bike from Specialized… 2023 Epic?

13. The Latest Costco Mountain Bike Deal is Essentially a 2018 Diamondback Hardtail?

14. The Best Gravel Bike Tires of 2023

15. Priceless Ti & Carbon Aston Martin .1R Road Bike by J.Laverack Custom Integrates Brakes

16. Aerodynamics vs. Weight: What’s the Tipping Point for Pro and Amateur Cyclists?

17. Tech Talk: Are your bike tires too wide for your rims? Here’s how to get it right

18. Should Mountain Bikes Go Back to Schrader Valves? Jones Bikes Says Yes

19. The “World’s Lightest eBike?” The New Thōmus Swissrider weighs just 25 lbs!

20. Shimano Derailleur Hanger Patent Opens Up Many Possibilities with Another New Standard

21. New Mountain Bike Components, Gear, Tools, and Protection at CORE Bike 2023

22. Best XC Mountain Bike Tires – These are the fastest MTB tires

23. Op Ed: Bicycle Industry Goes Deep Into Black Friday Discounting – Because They Have To

From all of us here at BikeRumor & AllGear Digital, thanks for reading and making 2023 a great year. Here’s to many more adventures by bike in the year to come!

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6 months ago

I for one am looking forward to another year of consumption and perpetual growth!

6 months ago

Some good stuff here, until I read the article about chain lube. Ho-lee, that was some utter tripe. There is some seriously misguided information in that piece. I would recommend a look at third-party tests from someone like Zero Friction Cycling. In results of test like those, which cover a wide variety of conditions – wet, dry, heavy contamination, etc. – some form of melted immersion wax comes out on top every time.

Beyond that, if my customers’ bikes have shown me anything over the decades, it’s that a petrol-based lube combined with consistent wiping and cleaning beats the hell out of any drip-wax. Drip wax can be somewhat effective as a way of keeping melt-waxed chain “topped off” between treatments, but that’s about it (the wax in an immersion-waxed chain pushes contaminants out of the chain with use, while drip wax can do the opposite).

I’d also recommend a google search of “Dave Rome Waxing” for a very complete article on the how and why of actual, real chain wax.

And if you just want the minimum time commitment to bike maintenance and you don’t mind replacing your chain a bit more often, just use a oil-based lube. Wipe, drip, then wipe until dry, and ignore all the lube nerdery on websites like this one.

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