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Tout Terrain’s New CINQ Plug6 Plus and Plug5 Pure USB-C Charging Ports

Tout Terrain Cinq Plug Plug6 Plus in action(Photos/Tout Terrain)
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The German Brand Tout Terrain uses decades of experience equipping cyclists to explore the globe on two wheels. Today we look at their two new powerful problem solvers, the CINQ Plug is a convenient USB-C charging port that is now available to cyclists in North America.

Tout Terrain Cinq Plug Plug6 Plus close up
Plug6 Plus (Photos/Tout Terrain)

The CINQ Plug6 Plus integrates directly into a bicycle steerer, allowing the user to conveniently charge their electronics without the worry of dynamo hub speed.

Tout Terrain Cinq Plug Plug5 Pure closeup
Plug5 Pure

The CINQ Plug5 Pure is a standard charging port that saves the rider 145 grams by doing without the charging optimizer that the Plug6 Plus has. Meaning that charging will be affected by the speed of the dynamo hub.

The CINQ Plug is currently in its sixth iteration and is appropriately named the CINQ Plug6 Plus. It takes the place of a standard stem top cap, with the body of the power post fitting snuggly inside of a 1-1/8″ steer tube (inter diameter must be 24.1mm).

Tout Terrain Cinq Plug Plug6 Plus profile

Then, once the CINQ Plug6 Plus is installed, it optimizes the energy generated by a dynamo hub. Therefore, provides consistent and reliable charging, regardless of riding speed. It also comes with an external protection cap to protect it from the elements. After external testing, the results were that dust and heavy rain would not damage the electronics, meeting the requirements for an IP65 rating.

Plug6 Plus Charging

Tout Terrain Cinq Plug Plug6 Plus in action
Plug6 Plus in action

Looking under the hood, you’ll see where the Plug6 Plus is different. The fully encapsulated electronics reliably protect the plug from environmental influences. It will also automatically detect when the dynamo light is on, dynamically optimizing the amount of current going to the device being charged.

Tout Terrain Cinq Plug Plug6 Plus compnents
Plug6 Plus

PowerModule that fits down into the steer tube will provide enough power regardless of dynamo hub speed and when stationary. So, the Plug6 will continue to charge the end device. Power-hungry devices will be buffered with up to 1200mA.

Tout Terrain Cinq Plug Plug5 Pure charging comp
Plug5 Pure in action…kinda

CINQ Plug6 Plus Specs and Retail

Plug6 Plus Retail: $359
Plug5 Pure Retail: $249

  • Compatible with 1-1/8″ forks with top headset cup (tapered or straight)*
  • Connectivity: USB-C standard
  • Protected from dust and water jets (tested according to IP65 standard)
  • Dimensions (Power Module): ( L x W) 160 mm x 24.0 mm
  • Operating range: -15°C to 60°C
  • Input: AC from the dynamo
  • Max output: 1.2Ah
  • Battery Specs: 1100mAh LiFePo
  • Weight: 195 g including all components

*The fork must have an inner steer tube diameter of 24.1 mm. There must be sufficient steerer length and the fork must be open at the bottom or have internal cable routing.


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Chris White
5 days ago

The final phrase of the footnote is the most important part of the whole article: “the fork must be open at the bottom or have internal cable routing”. This rules out 90+% of non-suspension forks, which severely limits their potential market.

4 days ago
Reply to  Chris White

Rules out most carbon forks but steel forks are normally open at the crown end.

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict
5 days ago

What’s the lug/tab with the threaded hole (just below the headset cup) for?

4 days ago
Reply to  Eggs Benedict

A kind of knock block, steering rotation limiter.

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