Box Components wide range rear derailleur for up to 44-tooth cassette cog

Box Components is finally starting production on their rear derailleur, likely starting with this new wide range model designed for today’s bigger cassettes. All told, there’ll be seven derailleurs: Short, mid and long cage, all offered with and without clutch, and the new clutch-eqipped wide range.

The long cage handles up to a 36, the wide range will go up to 44 tooth cogs. To make that happen, the lower knuckle is longer and the top pulley is offset. The lower pulley is larger to grab more chain, which helps keep the chain more stable.

Pricing is $125 with clutch, $110 without. Shifters are $50 per side if you keep away from the big brands altogether, but the derailleurs are 100% Shimano shifter compatible.

Box Components wide range rear derailleur for up to 44-tooth cassette cog Box Components wide range rear derailleur for up to 44-tooth cassette cog

Box Components wide range rear derailleur for up to 44-tooth cassette cog

This new option should work well with their upcoming wide range cassette, too, or some of the other options we found at Taipei show from Edco, SEQlite and Praxis.


The Box Digit four-piston brake is final, and has switched to mineral oil since we first saw it back in September 2013.


They’ll have tool-free reach adjust and free stroke adjust.


Piston diameters are 14mm and 17mm, with the smaller pads in the rear making contact first to ease into the power for better modulation.


The XC stem is a new offering that’ll be around 125g with Ti bolts and 6° rise, 70/80/90/100 lengths and only in a 35mm clamp to go with their bars.


  1. James S on

    Finally there is something that I can get excited about! These guys are making some cool stuff that can actually compete with SRAM and Shimano and if it works I will buy it for the next geared bike I build. SRAM and Shimano are turning into Apple and Microsoft – too big and stupid to get it right anymore. Purpose built wide range 10 speed is what lots of us have been asking for and it’s finally happening.

  2. asfa on

    This is cool. I would definitely try that derailleur on my next bike. Hopefully we can get some weights for them soon.

  3. gsmith on

    One the “other” brake manufacturers (so not sram or shimano) need to try out a floating caliper design with 1 piston. There is so much potential…

  4. J N H on

    I said a year ago that if the pricing was sensible I’d probably buy a set, looks like it’ll soon be money down time.

  5. Rico on

    Omg low prices. If this is the same Box that does bmx parts, I’d try it. Next make a road group with similar pricing!

  6. skip on

    Really excited about any third party company making derailleurs. I would continue to love shimano derailleurs if they didn’t have that horrible flimsy mount. Adding another hanger on the derailleur hanger doesn’t make for a system that saves derailleur hangers, it just eats $120 ders whole.

  7. Luis on

    Rear mech $110 ( non Clutch), shifter $50.

    Price is very close to be competitive but I still would like to see some product testing reviews on this before taking the plunge.
    I agree with many of you above regarding increase in brand choice and the possible benefits for consumers. Has anyone seen or know anyone riding these products?

  8. satisFACTORYrider on

    @ luis- ur hutchinson wc dh team. mick/tracey hannah. i think they were riding it last year as protos. i guess it went well

  9. JoeP on

    Options. Options. Options.

    I happen to be a SRAM guy but I love options, option are great for so many reasons but mostly so that consumers feel like they can continue to use what they want to use and not be pigeon holed into only using what two companies say they need to use.

  10. TypeVertigo on

    Just a heads-up: BOX is the offspring of Promax. I think BR reported about them being the latter’s premium brand or some such spinning off.

    But yeah, definitely, more players in the component market would be great. Those brakes are particularly intriguing. I wonder if they have mechanical disc brakes for road bikes in development? The Promax Render Rs have gotten pretty bad feedback from CX/road bike riders in my neck of the woods, and as much as I like my TRP Spyres, they should have competition.


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