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TPE15: Topeak saddles up w/ new seats, Panobike cycling computers, Tool Monster & mounts for everything!

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Topeak Tool Monster mini multi tool with CO2 inflator head

Topeak had quite a few new goodies behind glass cases at Taipei Cycle show. Since they’re somewhat known for clever little tools (and hugely awesome cases to put them in), we’ll start there.

The Tool Monster combines 22 tools into a very compact, two piece multi-tool. The main body has many of them built in, and a smaller part houses the allen wrenches (1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8 and T10/T25). Other bits include 8/9 box wrenches, chain tool (that’ll even work with modern 11-speed hollow pin chains), chain hook, #2 Phillips, spoke wrenches and 15mm open wrench. The smaller piece can attach to the larger one by inserting the 8mm allen key into the 8mm box wrench, giving it a larger handle for increased leverage on some of the tools.

Opt for the Tool Monster Air and you swap the chain breaker/pin pusher for a CO2 inflator head that’ll fit both Schrader and Presta.


They ship with a small Velcro strap that holds them together for easier storage. Weights are 178g and 170g.


The PanoBike cycling computers came out last year, but this was the first we’d seen them. Like the Wahoo RFLKT, the PanoComputer is a mirror display for the data being captured by the PanoBike smartphone app. While Topeak makes a wide array of handlebar mounts and protective iPhone cases, sometimes (most times) we just don’t want our smartphone in such a vulnerable position.

The key difference between the PanoComputer and the RFLKT is that you can have the Bluetooth speed, cadence and HR sensors transmit directly to it, too, negating the need to have your phone running. Of course, you’ll need the phone app running if you want to capture GPS data, but by keeping the screen off and letting the computer show the info, you’ll save battery power.


Click to enlarge and you’ll see how their system all comes together…or just watch the video below:


Another item we missed during its 2014 debut was the updated Free_XX saddle. Now, for 2015, there’s a new Free_XX Carbon saddles. At first glance, they look like performance saddles thanks to their sleek appearance and racy shapes. Which hides their secret: Three levels of padding for what’s sure to be quite a bit of comfort.


Between the firm shell and leather cover are low, medium and high density foams in strategic layers. There are also wider, larger versions of the saddles, but the XX models were the most interesting looking. The other neat feature about these saddles is the way the cover and padding wraps around underneath the base, so there are no corners or edges to chafe your inner thighs.

Topeak-Free-XX-triple-layer-padded-cycling-saddles05 Topeak-Free-XX-triple-layer-padded-cycling-saddles03

The Free_XX Carbon gets a bit more kicked up tail and carbon rails and base to come in at a claimed 200g, substantially lighter than the 290g Free_XX. Retail is around $129, but it won’t be sold in the U.S.


Topeak’s made RideCase/Panobike mounts for years, some that mount to the steerer’s top cap and an out-front mount similar to what’s shown here. Now, they’re expanding that segment to have dual mounts that’ll hold video cameras, too.



The RX mounts use an add on piece to place a camera below your phone. It’ll fit their out-front mount and their stem mount, which is a clever piece that’s universally adjustable to slot into the top two bolts of almost any 4-bolt stem (Ritchey C260 excluded).


They’re also offering new Sport Camera Multi-Mounts that are more robust. GoPro, VIRB and Sony are all represented, and some of the mounts use quick release attachments. There’s even a helmet mount. And it all comes as one package, letting you mount the camera in any of those places with a single kit.


If you notice the underside of the Free_XX saddle, there’s a QuickClick mount that works with their saddle bags and tail lights, so it’s not a stretch to imagine camera mounts could end up fitting those, too. All of these are available now, they’re just not on the Topeak website as of this posting. Retail prices range from $39.95 to $49.95.


The last of their new items includes their iGlow collection of LED illuminated accessories, which grows to include a $34.95 bottle and cage that changes colors to light up your clear water bottle in five different colors. Switch to your favorite color and set it to blinking or constant. Two additional saddle bags also join the iGlow series and place illuminated optical strips around the zipper for additional side visibility.

Toepeak Joe Blow Fat pump (2)

The Topeak Joe Blow Fat low pressure fat bike specific floor pump gets tweaked to top out at 30psi. The original was just 15psi, which is plenty for most fat bikes, but with the growth in 27.5+ and 29+ tires, riders made it loud and clear they wanted something with a bit more range.


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M.C. Slammer
M.C. Slammer
9 years ago

Dear Mr. Topeak-

Please bring back the Power 21. It is the best multitoool ever made. Unfortunately mine was stolen this month and it’s loss is being felt. All your other jazz is cool too. Bravo and congratulations, but simplicity is where you shine the brightest (your water bottles are nice too). The Power 21 is capable of performing just about any field repair, and I used it at home a fair amount as well. Small, light, indestructible. Bring it back. Please.

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