We swung by American Classic’s booth and were pointed toward this new rim, then the discussion quickly moved to Boost hubs (which are now shipping, BTW) and things got deep. So deep we’re planning a follow up video with founder Bill Shook. And so deep that we completely spaced on getting the details on their new 3834 mountain bike rims. So, we reached out and got a response so short and sweet it’s best we just present it verbatim…

From Ellen at American Classic:

“The rim is called 3834. It is 38mm wide outside, 34mm wide inside, rim depth 23mm. 27.5 is 472 grams. 29 is 496 grams. Tubeless ready.

“It’s a great mid plus rim when paired with a 2.6 tire for enduro and trail use. Tire width range is 2.2 – 3.0 depending on tread pattern and terrain.

“Bill beefed up the sidewalls for durability. Tires install easily and hook up tubeless securely, without burping. The combination of all these factors makes for a high performance wheelset for people who like to build their own.”



  1. Birdman on

    One very important note not mentioned, but really should be:
    – Aluminum rim
    – $89 per rim listed!!!

    The weight to width ratio is fairly competitive … when compared with CARBON rims. This kind of claim weight blows the aluminum competitions away. Very impressive. Hope they are stiff enough.

    Can’t wait for the follow up video!

  2. ed on

    Asym should have been there I do not understand why we keep seeing products without it. Specially with disc fronts we all run asym front hubs now.. I just bought a pair of carbon rims, could have saved some dough if these had been out then. Aluminum would give me piece of mind in rock gardens…


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