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TPE17: Closeup look at Magura’s highly adjustable Danny MacAskill Signature Series brake lever

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Introduce in December, the new Danny MacAskill signature brake is a Magura MT7 with a new lever that features a independent power and reach adjustments. Both are tooled adjustments, with the former changing the leverage ratio that the lever puts on the master cylinder’s piston. It effectively changes the power between what you’d get out of the two-piston MT4 and four-piston MT7. Put another way, it has the same effect as changing piston diameter inside the calipers…

The power adjustment is made by turning a small screw just above the indicator lines, which slide in and out with marks to show where you have it set. Note the change in position of the silver link that the brake lever drives into the master cylinder. The same amount of fluid is pushed through the lines either way, it just gives you more leverage over pushing the fluid through the lines.

They say you’ll have more modulation in the lower power setting, which is good for wetter conditions, and will be more grabby in the high power setting, good for dry conditions.

The reach adjust only moves outer portion of the lever, but the design was informed by MacAskill and moves only the part where your finger actually pulls on the lever. 

This signature lever will be be part of the complete brakeset with MT7 calipers initially, then become available as an upgrade for MT6/7/8 and Trail brakes in the future. Hit that link up at the top for pricing, specs and a sweet (aren’t they all?) video of MacAskill showing them off.


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5 years ago

Nice ones, but 700 USD for a brake set looks too much, I’m complaining about that, they got great features, design and colors, for sure they have their buyer’s segment as well.

5 years ago

$700 is crazy, but they’ll be available for far less online. I paid $370 with shipping (from Germany to the US no less) for my MT7s, with rotors. Actually, with the prices as they are, I wish I held out for Racelines, just because I like the color. Oh well, that’s what I get for being in a hurry.

I’ll be giving these blades a try when they release them separately.

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