What I love about Woodman Components is that they’re always thinking up little ways to combine parts or otherwise simplify a bike’s setup. Their latest is the Capsule-N, a one-piece headset top cap and spacer. It’s designed for carbon steerer tubes in particular since many fork manufacturers strongly recommend that the steerer extend at least a few millimeters past the top of the stem. It not only looks cleaner, it’s also lighter than separate spacer and top-cap parts…

Available in 5, 10 and 15mm heights, they masked and glass bead blasted their logo on, then anodize it (as opposed to laser etching which would remove the anodization and leave the metal susceptible to corrosion because you’re probably dropping brow sweat on there).

All will be flat on top, the 5mm shown in the top pic is an early prototype. It requires additional machining on the inside to make it flat outside, but it looks better so they did it. Retail is $15-$20, and should be available through BTI-USA (for North America) or direct. And if you like that 3mm headset top plate in the pic above, learn how it’ll help slam your stem here.



  1. Greg on

    Felt top caps have been exactly this way for a while. The real question is why others haven’t done this too. Any bike manufacturer that requires the 5mm spacer on top should have this type of cap.


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