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Traffic Enforcement For Bicyclist Safety

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The Chicago Bike Program created this video for traffic enforcement officers in Chicago. The video outlines legal and safety responsibilities for both vehicle drives and cyclists. It is great to see cooperation between advocacy groups, transportation departments, and police departments to aid in the education of cyclists, drivers, and law enforcement officers. Plus I like the way they say “Chicaaaago”.

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14 years ago

Good God, every city and state needs something like this for Driver’s Ed and make it mandatory viewing in all traffic violation classes.

This is really well done because it’s not trying to be a “feel good” public service message…it’s effective because it’s a police training video and is straight forward while having the facts conveyed in laymen’s terms.

Great job, Chicago PD!

14 years ago

I completely agree that this is one of the greatest things I’ve seen. Just replace the word “Chicago” with “[Your-town-here]” and ship this thing out. I think it works because it’s not just about what drivers of cars need to do and watch out for, but also addresses things that cyclists do that get them in trouble, as well.

That way, it seems less like drivers-are-jerks-and-need-to-be-careful, and gives them a chance to listen to what’s being said rather than going on the defensive.

The problem is, I’m not even sure many other places have such direct laws on the books in the first place. The fact that there’s an MC-9-16-020(f) which deals with Improper right turn in front of a *bicycle* on the books is amazing to me. If only other laws/citations were that specific.

Thanks for posting a good video, though.

Chris R
14 years ago

I think the concept is great. I think the execution could use some help. How many people are going to watch a 15 minute video?

I like Editor’s idea of making this mandatory in Driver’s Ed classes.

I am a year round Chicago cyclist and have to admit, 9 times out of 10, I side with drivers— the cyclists completely disregard traffic laws. I am usually the lone one sitting at a red light. Cyclists blow by me at red lights and could care less about the laws. Cops needs to start ticketing cyclists and drivers in order to get both sides following the laws.

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