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Train anywhere with the new Oreka O5 Smart Trainer self-powered by you, 100% wireless

new oreka o5 smart trainer self powered wireless portable train outdoors
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Oreka Training have released a new portable smart trainer that riders can use at the start-line. The Oreka O5 smart trainer is 100% wireless, self powered through pedaling. Oreka developed the O5 for racers who need all the benefits of a smart trainer, including the ergodynamic advantages over a static trainer, right up to the start gun. It’s portable and compact for that reason, and ships as early as next week. Let’s take a closer look.

Oreka O5 Wireless Smart Trainer

The new Oreka O5 doesn’t offer the same “on-road” feel offered by their O2 treadmill cycling trainer, at least not in quite the same way. Upon first glance, it looks much like a static trainer. Watch Oreka’s promotional video closely and you’ll see that it allows the bike to move from side to side as the rider pedals.


This is Oreka’s “ergodynamic” solution to the usual injury and discomfort associated with riding for hours on a regular static smart trainer. It is designed to simulate that dynamic freedom of movement you get when pedaling along the road.

Train Unplugged

The most notable feature of the new Oreka O5 is the fact that it is completely wireless. Instead of using mains electricity, the smart trainer uses a permanent magnet motor that generates its own energy through the rider’s input.

new oreka smart trainer wireless self powered magnetic field resistance train with power

The self powered smart trainer uses the energy from this magnetic field to produce the required resistance. Resistance is regulated and adjusted automatically, requiring no calibration by the user, or maintenance. The Auto-watt feature allows riders to train with power, based on the speed and resistance level of the trainer.

Self powered means riders can use the Oreka O5 outdoors without the need for an electricity supply. So, you can warm up on your smart trainer at events just like a pro, taking full advantage of the benefits that come with it over bog-standard rollers or a static trainer.

portable smart trainer cycle turbo train outdoors

Oreka ensured riders could take full advantage of the self-powered feature, designing a compact, easily-transportable foldaway frame. It sits in a trolley system with wheels so is easily pulled along, much like a suitcase.

The Oreka O5 self-powered smart trainer communicates on standard protocols like ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth. That communication is with Oreka’s freely available App for both Android and iOS devices. 

oreka o5 self powered smart train cycle turbo takes non-boost boost axle spacing

The Oreka O5 takes axle sizes 130mm, 135mm and 142mm x 12 mm, plus BOOST 148mm x 12 mm. It can record a maximum power output of 2000 Watts. Its footprint measures 133 × 90 cm with a frame height of 49 cm. Oreka claim the O5 weighs 30 kg.

Pricing & Availability

Pre-order the £1390 / 1390 € Oreka O5 trainer now. Oreka start shipping as early as July 27th.

oreka o5 turbo cycling no electricity required


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3 years ago

30kg is not really take-anywhere territory…

Jon Francis
3 years ago

Seems like they spent a lot of money to put that dampener/pivot in/top guide in place and then did it poorly.
It looks like the virtual center of the pivot is below ground? Normally, this is .01″ – 6+” above the ground.
Why not have it 1-3″ above ground, use a much smaller dampener, been more consistent for more riders, have better motion, shrink the leg foot print? Maybe it has something do to with the interaction the front of the bike… or they didn’t care.
If they wanted to do this design, why didn’t they put the pivot in the legs?? It would have packaged much better, been lighter, and cheaper.
At 30kg, this is not economically shippable for retail/consumer sales, so it won’t matter. This is the SRM if trainers… under performing, over priced, stuff only the pros use for some reason.

3 years ago

But does it Zwift?

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