Oakland, California based Xtracycle has long demonstrated its commitment to cargo. The second electric bike in its lineup, the new EdgeRunner 10e has a 10-speed drivetrain and manages to come in lighter than the existing limited release 9e. It features the standard EdgeRunner long wheelbase and massive carrying capacity, as well as a suite of add on accessories for you to tailor your ride to your needs.  Details after the hump.


The long wheelbase and 20in rear wheel of the Xtracycle EdgeRunner platform makes it stable, low, and pro for loading and hauling kids or heavy goods for a total hauling capacity of 400lbs (if that isn’t enough capacity for you, you can get the sidecar to carry an extra 250lbs). If you’re hauling that level of capacity, a pedal assist motor starts to make a lot of sense, which is one of the reasons Xtracycle has collaborated with Bosch for their e-bike line. With pedal assist levels of 50% to 275% power output and a top speed of 20mph (a Class 1 e-bike), the EdgeRunner electric platforms help you to get you, your family, and your cargo where it needs to be without burning you out. In this configuration, Xtracycle claims a 20-60 mile range depending on loading and road conditions and a 3.5 hour full battery recharge time between trips.

The 10e improves upon the previous 9e model by having an upgraded 10-speed full Deore shifter and rear derailleur. The new model appears to be about eight pounds lighter than the previous one, despite an otherwise similar spec.

Xtracycle_HooptieThe model comes standard with CarryAll Bags and KickBack,  If you need to take little ones for a ride, a Family Pack upgrade is available with the Hooptie and U-Tubes to contain little bodies and feet for an additional $250 online (f you have a child younger than 4 years, however, Xtracycle recommends their Yepp Maxi EasyFit seat).

The base package is available for $5,749 and is available in two sizes, S/M (16.5in) and L (18in) fitting people from 5’0″ to 6’2″ in height.




  1. Eric Hansen on

    It’s amazing how much better this e-cargo bike is than the one previewed yesterday. It costs more, but comes with a vast upgrade in both electric and conventional componentry.

    My only gripe; how could they NOT put the battery in the frame area behind the seat tube, and in front of the rear wheel?

  2. Christobevii3 on

    That is pretty sweet setup with the kid seat. I just wish they’d do a cyclocross geometry and drop bar option. I don’t really find being upright with flat bars that comfortable. Also, the second kid is just like hoping for the best in staying in with no seat and legs dangling/tangled out the sides?

  3. Dinger on

    Re: “how could they NOT put the battery in the frame area behind the seat tube, and in front of the rear wheel?”

    It’s Bosch’s system. The motor and wiring is designed around placing the battery in that position, as is the battery mounting. Moving it behind the seat tube would mean an unconventional wiring solution and “hanging” the battery somewhat from it’s mount. I’d guess Bosch had something to say about it.

  4. WG on

    My guess is that the battery hidden behind the seat tube would be harder to access, which could make charging a hassle. But if the bike came with a charging port near the seat tube… Just thinking here.

    Personally, I prefer cargo bikes with the platform behind the front wheel. But still it’s a sweet bike!

  5. Roy on

    I agree with Eric, flipping the battery around and even mounting it nice and low on the ‘boom tube’ parallel to the ground would be far more attractive, and the wiring distance would be no greater to motor as well as lowering a big chunk of weight. I know water bottle location is not priority #1 when making an ebike, but it is e-assist and having an open downtube makes for a nice bottle location. Jus sayin

  6. Keith Cody on

    That’s Bosch’s standard battery. If you eyeball it, it won’t fit behind the seattube. The would have had to move the seat-stays up.


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