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TwoNav Teases Velo, an All-New Cycling Specific GPS

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We caught up with a member of the TwoNav team at Eurobike to have a quick chat about the Anima+ and Ultra GPSs that we had recently had in on test to talk about our first impressions, where we thought they were lacking, and to discuss where the company was headed. And what we found out when we were there, was that they had a completely new GPS designed just for biking that they teased ahead of an introduction later in September at their home Spanish tradeshow. From the looks of it, the new Velo addresses almost all of our concerns and we look forward to getting the final details and getting one in-hand to test out. Join us after the jump for an overview of what we expect with the new Velo from TwoNav…


We weren’t able to get photos of the new Velo, as TwoNav wanted to hold off until its official introduction at the Spanish UniBike show in Madrid at the end of next week. That show is especially important to them as they want to highlight that the new Velo will be 100% made in Spain, a rarity in the electronics world. We did get this slightly bigger print image, which suggests at least a combination of two main buttons, a single (rocker) side button, and touch screen functionality. We also don’t have exact sizes, but were told that it will be in smaller than the Garmin Edge 1000 overall with the same 3″ (7.6cm) display. It is also claimed to be just 11mm tall, which will be a big improvement over the other products we had sampled form TwoNav.


We did also get a bit of backstory on the company, which arose out of developing a solution for tracking hang gliding competition. That alternative use for a GPS computer was a lot of the reason why the TwoNav products had so much adjustability, that we found at times overwhelming. The multi-use basis is also why the data recording format was preset as it was on our unit, but we have since learned that the current models can be set to record files in a Strava (and universally)-friendly .GPX format, which we have already successfully updated on our sample.

In any case, all of that should disappear with the Velo, which will still bring the exceptional TwoNav mapping abilities. Since it was designed just for cycling, it tones down most of that adjustability and comes optimized for riding functionality. What we do know is that it will feature much better connectivity with ANT+, Bluetooth (BLE), and WiFi tech. It will connect to almost any sensor using those technologies, including power meters, and will be able to both communicate with a smart phone for notifications and transfer files wirelessly. It also seems that it might talk directly with other Velos to share info, like recorded track data or pre-made routes. We’re not clear on the TrackAttack feature, but from our understanding it seems to be a live segment tracking system. The Go platform will be a direct upload of the files into TwoNav’s cloud, which also promises functionality to connect directly with Strava as well.

At 110g, it is only a bit heavier that the much smaller 95g Ultra, and promises longer battery life with regular screen function. The mount will still be mostly proprietary as they didn’t pay into the Garmin system, but they have developed a comparable compatible system that will drop into the modular mounts on the market. We’ve been told that there will be K-Edge and Barfly compatibility from day one, which is nice to hear. We’re curious to get some real-world use with one, and will report back when we know more.


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John B.
John B.
5 years ago

Do you have more to report on this GPS?

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