Unior issues premium Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Tool Set, individually numbered

We got a sneak peek at Slovenian tool maker Unior Tool’s all-black Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Tool Set back at Eurobike. Unior replaced all of the standard plastic bits with machined aluminum to create a 100% made-in-house, EU-made premium bike mechanic’s tool kit that is built to last a lifetime. Limited to just one hundred sets, it’s now officially on sale, so we have all the details, including pricing and how to get yours…

Unior Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Tool Set premium bike tools

Unior Tool 100th anniversary limited edition premium bike tool kit

Unior is one of very select tool brands to manufacture all of their tools in-house, and an even smaller group doing that in Europe. They’ve been crafting tools out of the same factory complex in Zreče, Slovenia since 1919, so one hundred years seemed like a good anniversary to celebrate. Since their standard production tools now use plastic handles molded just up the road in the same town by a fellow Slovenian producer, Unior decided to come back 100% in-house for their 100th anniversary.

What’s new in the limited edition mechanic’s tool kit?

Unior Tool 100th anniversary limited edition premium bike tool kit

The three big hand tools in the set – the Master Chain Tool, Pro Socket Handle & Cassette Lockring Tool – then get hefty machined alloy handles with knurled grip for a solid feel in your hand and a sense of permanence and a black anodized finish. The remainder of the kit also gets a low-key raw tool steel & black look that is sure to serve for years to come.

Unior Anniversary Tool Set pricing & availability

Unior Tool 100th anniversary limited edition premium bike tool kit

The cost of the complete 19-piece tool kit is 400€ retail, including a custom-made steel tool box with laser cut foam tray to keep the tools organized. But the trick is that there are just 100 individually-numbered kits being produced. Unior told us that they gave sponsored teams & partner shops the first crack at the limited edition sets, so only a fraction of that number will actually be available to consumers.

What’s inside?

Unior Tool 100th anniversary limited edition premium bike tool kit

But… you can get them. Today, Unior officially opened up the kits for sale. So reach out to your local Unior shop or distributor if you just have to have a complete European-made bike maintenance tool kit.

Included in the Unior Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Tool Set:

    • Master Chain Tool, with modular chain inserts (NEW & future-proof!)
    • Pro Socket Handle
    • Cassette Lockring Tool
    • Cassette Wrench (11/12)
    • Bottom Bracket Socket BSA30/DUB
    • Hexagon wrench (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10)
    • Torx wrench (TR10, TR15, TR25)
    • Round Spoke Wrench
    • Bottle Opener
    • Custom 100th Anniversary Toolbox


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2 years ago

Torx wrenches say t10, 15, 20. No t25, which seems like a weird omission. Realistically, these days it really should be a full set and not just three of any size.

2 years ago

Most important tool of all bottle opener

2 years ago

It just seems like an odd assortment. The most common tools I reach for aren’t included: Y-wrench, chain quick link pliers. Chain breakers are necessary when first installing a chain, but after that? To remove and clean, just the pliers are needed. As far as spoke wrenches, I hate the one-tool-for-all-sizes variety. Too heavy in your hand, and you lose which gauge your using. Ever build a wheel with one of those?