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Unior rolls out BMX Tools, Master Wheel Building Kit, Brake Nut Tool & Much More…

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, BMX Made For Work
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European-made tool maker Unior has released a big cache of new bicycle repair tools suitable for professional and home mechanics – from the BMX-specific kits we previewed last summer, to a new Master Wheel Building tool kit, and lots of smaller bike tools in between. Unior is known throughout Europe for more than 100 years of manufacturing hand tools in Slovenia, but their bike-specific tool family is quite a bit younger, so there’s always room to fill out the lineup.

Unior Bike Tools add new BMX, Wheel Building & BB kits

First up are a couple of BMX kits inspired by the popularity of Unior’s Home KitPro KitMaster Kit comprehensive tool kits. With a boom in BMX racing and the majority of BMXers servicing their own bikes, there was a gap in high-quality all-in-one toolkits to fix everything on the 20″ singlespeed race bike.

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, pro race BMX Kit
all c. Unior

The 830€ BMX Kit sits at the high-end of that spectrum, with its own sturdy, lockable French waterproof tool case and 43 carefully chosen, Slovenian-made Unior BMX bike tools securely stored inside in laser-cut foam trays.

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, BMX Kit contents

Every piece is a professional mechanic level tool, built to last a lifetime of wrenching.

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, privateer BMX Roll Set

On the more affordable end of the spectrum is the 236€ BMX Roll Set. Intended more as a privateer race day setup, you still get 16 core bike tools like hexes, pedal wrench, master-link pliers, a chain tool & cable cutters.

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, BMX Roll Set contents

And it all comes in a weather-resistant tool roll with extra slots for your other preferred race day tools, small parts pockets, and big alloy eyelets designed to hang off a car seat headrest or a fence in the race pits. (There’s also a similar, non-BMX Tool Wrap Kit, for those who ride bigger wheels & gears.)

Beyond these comprehensive bike-specific kits, Unior also has a couple of new task-specific kits…

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, Master Wheel Building Kit

First up is the 350€ Master Wheel Building Kit, a comprehensive kit suitable for a professional wheelbuilding workshop, or for the home tinkerer who wants to build their own wheels.

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, Master Wheel Building Kit contents

Inside Unior’s 2-level plastic carrying case are 19 wheel-specific tools secured in pre-cut foam inserts. You get nipple drivers, nipple insertion tools, nipple speed bits, socket driver, aero spoke holder, straight-pull spoke pliers, a spoke measuring tool, and various spoke wrenches to fit all modern-sized nipples.

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Kit

For your modern BBs, a new 220€ Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Kit is probably more suited for bike shops, or the cyclist with n+1 bikes to maintain.

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits, Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Kit contents

You get a single-level plastic case with an easy-to-use small-scale quick-release sealed bearing press that includes drifts to fit most modern BB30 & PressFit bottom bracket standards, like: SRAM DUB, BB30, BB86/BB92.

Unior adds new accessories & hand tools, too

On the smaller side of things…

Unior just completely overhauled their Pro Truing Stand last summer and added those nice colorful spoke wrenches too. Now, they’ve made a nice wooden base for the new stand to keep your small parts from rolling away as well. Nobody likes to lose a nipple. We snuck a peek at the 150€ bolt-on beech base at Eurobike, but now your shop can add it to your 410€ professional truing stand to protect your worktop and make it easier to move around the shop for wheel builds & truing work.

Unior new hand tools, Flare Nut Wrench for disc brake hose nuts

Then, there’s this new 10€ Flare Nut Wrench that provides a solid 7mm or 8mm grip on your brake hose nuts. And with a 1/4″ square hole in the center, you can pop it into many standard torque wrenches to actually install new brake lines to the proper manufacturer-recommended setting.

Unior new hand tools, Flush Cutters, plastic-only zip-tie trimmers

Flush Cutters look just like a regular set of angled end nips, but these 31€ cutters are finely-ground with a flat side so that they give a perfectly flush cut to zip ties or other plastic bits. No more sharp edges to get caught on. They aren’t as hard as regular cutting nippers, so they are “for plastic only” but a perfect way to add a pro finishing touch to your bike builds.

Unior new hand tools, bottom bracket socket tools
Hope (l) & E13 (r)

There are always more Bottom Bracket sockets to add as BB standards continue to expand so rapidly, it’s silly we even still use the word standard. For 50€ you can pick up either the new E13 or Hope BB Socket in red anodized, precision-machined aluminum.

Unior new hand tools, Bosch Torx Plus T40 driver
1/2″ socket with TX Plus profile (right)

Lastly, for shops working on 4th generation Bosch ebikes, the motor mounts use a special T40 Plus torx interface, not the standard tapered torx… because standards. /s Anyway, Unior has your back and an 11€ Screwdriver Socket with 1/2″ TX Plus T40 profile so you can install and remove the new motors without rounding out those weird bolts.

Unior Bike Tools add new bicycle repair toolkits are Made For Work

All of the new Unior Bike Tools are available now, in stock both in Europe & North America, ready to ship out from your local distributor.


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8 days ago

Nice tools – then they show the bike clamped by the seat tube…

7 days ago
Reply to  Erin

It’s perfectly fine to clamp a thick steel frame by the seat tube. Only real fault here is that the crank won’t turn all the way around. It’s also possible that raising the saddle to allow the post to be clamped would put it over the minimum insertion.

7 days ago
Reply to  Erin

It is a bmx. Not a 600 gram carbon frame. This is fine.

7 days ago
Reply to  Erin

It’s a steel bmx bike… Do you really think bikes are so fragile? Have you seen what people do on these things?

7 days ago
Reply to  Booyah

It’s a bad habit that shouldn’t be promoted.

7 days ago

Nice tools, then they show a bike with its drivetrain on the wrong side!

6 days ago
Reply to  Chris

A lot of bmx riders prefer left side drive if they grind on the right and jump right foot forward.

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