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Update: Giant’s Solution to Recalled Anthem X 29er and Availability of Clip Folding Bicycle

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When we published our review of the Giant Seek urban commuter bike, we had our images ready to go for a review of the Clip folding bike (above), too. But, when we started looking around Giant’s website for pricing and various specs, it was gone. If you search for it through a search engine, you’ll still find it, but from their current website’s navigation, it’s gone. What’s the story? Here’s the answer from their regional sales manager:

“As far as new product it is the Expressway. We still have the Clip in stock and I have a sample of it but it was only ment to run for a limited time and when they run out they are gone. It is a fashion run bike meaning it will be replaced by something else in the future. It is a fun littlle bike for sure. We have done limited run bikes like the Clip in the past with unique features like the City Storm.”

This is a bummer because the Clip was awesome. We rode the crap out of it and everyone that pedaled it wanted one. Giant had a winner, albeit an expensive one. The current folder, Expressway, has nothing on the Clip in terms of looks, and the “righty” fork and rear stays looked cool and were as solid as could be. Here’s hoping they bring it back, and hoping they put better brakes on it…that was the only weak link.

Now, about that Anthem X 29er recall: jump past the break to get our response from Giant explaining what went wrong and how they fixed it…

Andrew Justkaitis, Giant’s press liason and the guy holding the bike for us above, filled in the blanks regarding the recent recall:

BIKERUMOR: What was the fix… Stronger weld? Slight redesign?
AJ: Changed the wall thickness on the toptube—it wasn’t the weld that was failing.

BIKERUMOR: Can you simply re-weld the recalled frames and return them, or do you have to trash those frames and send new ones?
AJ: It wasn’t the weld that failed. All recalled frames are destroyed/recycled.

BIKERUMOR: It didn’t seem like very many frames were affected…was it only from a certain batch, or was that all that had managed to get out the door before you caught the issue?
AJ: First batch= less than 300

According to our local rep and dealer, the new (post-recall) frames are already shipping out. They’ll have the thicker wall thickness on the toptube, which apparently solved the problem. Presumably, the weight shown in the photo won’t change but a few grams with the stronger top tube. Check out the full photo shoot and specs of the new 2011 Anthem X 29er in this post.

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