For this installment of #Vanlife, we take a close look at Colorado Camper Van. Based in (you guessed it) Colorado, they specialize in pop-up roofs for just about any van you want to outfit. This provides a huge interior space to store bikes and other gear – with a spacious sleeping area up top. The design keeps both you and your gear out of the elements and safe from would-be thieves.

All images courtesy Colorado Camper Van.

Prices start at under $15k for a conversion, making these on the affordable end of the spectrum in custom vans – where prices can easily climb into six figures or more. We should note that Colorado Camper Van does not do lift kits or drivetrain modifications, so you’d need to find the appropriate shop if serious off-roading is in your future. For more information, we interviewed Chris Gorski, Marketing Director for Colorado Camper Van.

BIKERUMOR: How long has your company been in business converting vans into campers and Adventure Vans?

Colorado Camper Van: Our 10 year anniversary is this year! Yes… 10!

BIKERUMOR: What makes a Colorado Campervan unique from others on the market?

CCV: We are THE ONLY company that can put a pop top (which is a lift-up roof with a HUGE completely tented-in sleeping area) on mid or high roof Mercedes Sprinters, Ram Promasters or Ford Transits. We can also do this on Ford E-series and Chevy Econoline vans or GMC Savana vans. With a pop top, you can sleep above while your bikes and gear are safely stowed INSIDE the van, not outside the van where weather and bad guys can get at them.

BIKERUMOR: Which types of vans or other vehicles do you convert?

CCV: 99% of our vans are Mercedes Sprinters, Ram Promasters or Ford Transits. We can also do this on Ford E-series and Chevy Econoline vans or GMC Savana vans. We can also do other vans under our specialty area. We have put a pop top on, and converted the interior of Hummers, a really cool bus, and an old school Land Rover that is currently on the way to Patagonia.

BIKERUMOR: What are two or three of your most popular INTERIOR upgrades?

CCV: For the cyclists, we tend to convert to our Adventuremobile design, which gives a lot of interior space to stow bikes and gear. We just did a layout like this with a high bed (to store bikes underneath) for a cycle race fanatic in Minnesota. We can install supertrack on the interior for bike mounts also.

We do a lot of cedar interiors, which looks great, and heaters that tap into your gas line for fuel, so you don’t need any propane. We do a lot of kitchens with sink/stove combos.

BIKERUMOR: What are two or three of your most popular EXTERIOR upgrades?

CCV: Awnings, custom ladders and custom roof racks are the most popular. We have full aluminum fabrication in-house.

BIKERUMOR: When it comes to bikes (road or mountain bikes, not moto), what’s the best way you’ve found to get them inside the van? How many can you typically fit inside?

CCV: In our adventure mobile, you can fit 3 bikes side by side, between the storage cabinets and below the lower bed. If you get one of our pop tops, you can get a TON of gear in there, too, because you will sleep above it all.

BIKERUMOR: What are two or three pieces of advice you give potential customers when they’re trying to figure out what features they need?

CCV: Less is more. Figure out your dimensions… how tall are your bikes that you want to store inside, how long, how much width do you need. How many people do you need to sleep and seat when traveling? All that will determine what you can do inside the van.

BIKERUMOR: What’s the most basic package you offer? How much does that cost?

CCV: Our most basic package without a kitchen is the adventuremobile rear layout, and you can get the full interior, plus some windows, a fan and lighting for under $15K.

BIKERUMOR: What’s the most outrageous build you’ve done and how much did that cost? 

CCV: We built a full van for someone to live in, but the coolest thing we have done is the pop top on the Range Rover (see photos).

BIKERUMOR: Do you do much custom work? Or do you sell mostly stock packages?

CCV: Stock packages meet the needs of most people, but we can go full custom if you want us to. Our cabinets are computer designed so we can build anything you can think of.

BIKERUMOR: Can someone bring their used van in for an upfit? Or do you prefer to work exclusively on new vans?

CCV: Used is fine. We do a lot of Ford E-series vans that are no longer in production but can be 4×4’d for overlanding. Otherwise, a new van gives us the most build out options.

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3 years ago

Pretty sure that LaRo Defender is not a Range Rover.

3 years ago

If this was Van Rumor.. would it be something new? I like Bike Rumor to see what’s new. This does not seem like that.