Velorbis Unveils The World’s Strongest Bicycle Basket

Copenhagen, July 2011 – Velorbis, the creator of iconic and classic designer bicycles announced today that, due to many requests from its customers, it has created the world’s strongest basket, based on its new invention, the unique patent pending FrameFix mounting bracket. The Velorbis bicycle basket system therefore allows a stunning load capacity of up to 15kgs/33lbs to be safely transported in the basket.

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Velorbis started this design mission after studying stylish female Copenhagen cyclists for a number of years, listening to their issues and needs. Most notably, this included an increased need for versatile and stabile storage on two wheels – the ability to safely carry a couple of shopping bags and a handbag and be able to chat on their mobile phones, for example – and look good at the same time. Velorbis found that current baskets on the market do not fulfil this need as they are often too small and, more importantly; all baskets today are fitted to the handlebars of the bicycle. This affects steering capabilities and balance when the basket is full and the cyclist wishes to turn.

The Velorbis design team therefore created a new, completely consumer-driven solution to all cycling storage dilemmas – the Velorbis FrameFix mounting bracket (patent pending).

To meet the needs of the stylish Copenhagen cyclists, Velorbis had to rethink the whole mounting system. Inspired by the popular front carriers on Velorbis’ gents bicycles, the unique FrameFix bracket invention attaches to the head tube instead of the handlebars, so that the accompanying basket remains in a fixed position whenever elegantly manoeuvring through traffic, thus providing extra strength and stability when cycling. It is the unique design functionality of the Velorbis FrameFix mounting mechanism that provides the inner core strength that enables all bicycle baskets to maximise their load capacity without compromising steering ability and balance.

Velorbis is dedicated to equipping its customers with the accessories that enhance their cycling experience and cater to their everyday needs – all in the utmost chic cycling style. Velorbis’ new FrameFix mounting bracket invention is designed to fit all classic Dutch style bicycles with lugged steel frames as they share the same round head tube dimensions. This combination provides extreme versatility and functionality enabling all owners to multi-task on two wheels – such as carrying extra shopping bags, a pet dog, gifts, and flowers, etc. This attention to detail is synonymous with all Velorbis designs.

About Velorbis

“When design matters”

Velorbis was born from the hunt for a top quality sit-up-and-beg Dutch style bicycle with a stylish and iconic design aesthetic that reflected the elements of world-renowned Danish design and cool Copenhagen cycling culture. They couldn’t find what they were looking for in the bicycle industry so decided to design their own. The rest is history…

Velorbis supports global urban sustainability and green transportation initiatives and its aim is to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a stylish two-wheeled approach.

Velorbis has an exclusive concept store in Copenhagen, Denmark to cater for its growing popularity in the Scandinavian market and plans to extend its network of concept stores in other major European cities in the near future.

Velorbis is currently expanding its worldwide retailer base and is focusing on primary markets such as Europe, Australasia and North America.


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binny bin
binny bin
11 years ago

this holds 25lbs. might be USA made

11 years ago

I thought that the time for Cycling baskets are past, but HOW WRONG AM I!?!?! This is a great solution to an everyday “cycling” problem. Its like having a boot for your bicycle. Very creative idea – Great initiative. (Love the blog!)

11 years ago

The Pauls flatbed rack, like most others, is attached to the fork, not the frame.

Huge difference and I’d love to see more options like the Velorbis design.

11 years ago

the Velorbis framefix is designed by Flavio Deslandes, industrial designer based in Denmark.