From ENVE Composites: “Last fall a casting call went out for five challengers to participate in The All Terrain Bicycle Challenge. Contestants were challenged to build their vision of an all-terrain bike with which to tackle the ‘world’s most challenging ATB route’. Armed with the ultimate ATB, a little local knowledge, and a lot of false confidence, the contestants embark on the biggest challenge of their lives.”

“Episode 1 of the ATB Challenge provided a glimpse into what the five contestants are up against. Now, we get down to business in the Vermont backcountry and see if anyone has a chance at finishing the World’s Most Challenging ATB Route. Will Lauren’s racing pedigree help her rise to the top? Can Bethel’s knowledge of the course’s true difficulty be an advantage? Is Ronnie’s pessimism a premonition of what’s in store for the group?”

“It’s time to see if the ATB Challenge contestants can step up to another level and complete the world’s most challenging ATB route, or if the Vermont forest will eat them for breakfast. It’s anyone’s guess, so place your bets for the final episode of the ATB Challenge.”

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Velo Kitty
Velo Kitty
30 days ago

Cringe… just like the similar Adidas and Victoria’s Secret marketing.

29 days ago

Not sure how this is “cringey marketing”.
Maybe watch the videos? This was more like an awesome/cheesy reality tv show. Diverse riders in a challenging environment.
I thought it was great

Velo Kitty
Velo Kitty
26 days ago
Reply to  Nate

Because companies are using the same formulaic checklist to satisfy the “diversity” quota that permeates their current advertising. That’s why I mentioned Adidas and Victoria’s Secret.

17 days ago
Reply to  Velo Kitty

Also not sure what a “diversity quota” is.
The last time I checked, cycling wasn’t for one group of riders it was for everyone. If you feel like representation is fake and disingenuous you should go for a ride to burn off those pouty feelings.