Ready for the next installment of “how does Chris Akrigg make it look so smooth?” This time he’s back on his Mongoose Guide for a mix of CX and gravel riding with a healthy dose of trials thrown in for good measure. Most of us could only dream to hop that tree on a mountain bike, and Chris makes it look so easy on a gravel bike!

And if you missed his last video, In The Rough, it’s definitely worth a watch as well. Check it out below.


  1. Tom on

    amazing skills, though every technical clip he did in the video was a full on sprint – no way could he sustain that kind of effort over the course of 20 minutes. Something to bear in mind as you hit that nasty tech section after having been grinding up a hill for the past 15 minutes.

  2. lovedabikes on

    Seems this would be a great video to show a dropper on a Gravel bike. I love these guys doing tricks, but should have that dropper on there instead of a dropped seatpost that you would not ride a bike on.

  3. Jeff on

    Laughing at the above two snarky comments, who cares on either point. It’s meant to be a display of riding. Like, you just watch some of the best technical riding you’ve ever seen, but find some fault or criticism somehow. And yes, kings of the obvious, of course nobody could charge like that endlessly, and yes if he had a dropper he wouldn’t have to raise his seat later, LOL and FFS


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