Video: Danny MacAskill’s Drop & Roll tour returns to Europe

From Rasoulution: “The Drop & Roll Crew is back on the road. Several stops across Europe and the UK are on the horizon. Right on time Danny and the crew delight us with a mouth watering edit of their previous trip from last year when they were performing a couple of shows in Europe.”

The crew will consist of Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw as well as Ali Clarkson for the UK dates and John Langlois for the non-UK dates. Shows will take place on the following dates:

12 June – Bike Opening, Bike Republic Sölden, Austria

1 – 3 July – Grand Prix Silverstone, UK

16 & 17 July – Eurobike, Frankfurt, Germany

27 & 28 August – Malverns Classic, Ledbury, UK


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