In Their Element – Lindsey Richter of Ladies AllRide Mountain Biking Camps

From Outside Van: “Lindsey Richter is not just any professional Mountain Biker, she has made it her life’s mission to teach women to conquer their fears and slay singletracks all over the country with her series of Ladies AllRide Mountain Biking Camps.

Since 2010, Lindsey and business partner, Meredith Brandt have led mountain biking skills classes for women of all ages and ability levels. They were unhappy with the obvious and severe gap in women enjoying, let alone competing, in the sport of mountain biking. Determined to lessen the gap, Richter and Brandt embraced the connection between bikes and life as a catalyst for growth, change, plus connection with others and oneself. “We see firsthand how mountain biking can help people face fears, believe in themselves and learn what they’re capable of.”

Title photo: Outside Van

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Nikky nixx
Nikky nixx
8 days ago

she is funny awesome & have amazing personality to be a coach in this sport truly fascinating !!! LGBTQ+ <3