Video: Matt Simmonds shows off ‘A Downhiller’s Trail Bike Build’ from Privateer

Building one’s own bike is an intimate thing, and each finished product reflects both its builder and its rider. Anyone who’s done it knows it takes attention, specificity, and great care.

Want to get the logic behind an MTB lifer’s dream downhill build? Look no further.

Hunt Bike Wheels chats with Privateer athlete and ex-downhill racer Matt Simmonds about his custom bike from Privateer.

“We caught up with Hunt Mountain rider Matt Simmonds at Caersws downhill track in Mid Wales on a dry and dusty summer’s day to get a good look at his custom Privateer 141 trail bike.”

In short, they do so. Watch Simmonds talk through his Privateer succinctly but completely in this quick clip.

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