Wooden steed? Sam Pilgrim pedals custom mountain bike into oblivion

The world of mountain biking has its share of court jesters, but former freeride MTB world champ Sam Pilgrim just might take the cake.

If you need any proof, peep this 15-minute reel. In it, the freeriding wild boy and his pal attempt to smash the ever-living daylights out of a plywood mountain bike.

“Today, I woke up and decided that my wooden bike needed to be ridden super hard,” Pilgrim wrote, “so I took it to the lovely Braintree BMX race track to use on some of the jumps and rollers.”

Watch Pilgrim subject bicycle and body to his entire bag of tricks, including the piece de resistance: an epic tail whip. …But can he stick the landing?

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4 months ago

Why did you think ‘peep’ would be the right word to use here? Are you having a midlife?