What is the spirit of Enduro? Shimano asks MTB riders

“What is the spirit of enduro?” One simple question; a multitude of answers.

It’s sketchy, scary, fast, and fun. It’s riding fresh, new trails all over the world on a bike that can do it all. It’s wild, it’s tight, it’s bombing down tracks. It’s finding the flow. Most of all, enduro is community.

“It’s a good bunch of people just having fun and riding bikes,” as one rider puts it.

Capturing the essence of a sport that folks find so meaningful on so many levels is no easy task. But that’s exactly what the Shimano crew aimed to do with this brief, feel-good edit — and we think they’ve done a fine job of it.

Sit back, hit play, and soak it up.

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9 days ago

Part of that ‘spirit’ seems to be the attitude that climbing riders should yield to the enduro bros, i mean they paid $ to get to the top.

8 days ago

Made me think of this